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MemoryHunt - Mobile App for Hunting the Place of Memories

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Old Photo Hunting in Kyoto - September 1, 2015 at Kyoto

What is MemoryHunt?

MemoryHunt, or memory hunting, is to find a place of memories using photographs overlayed on the viewfinder of the camera.

It was originally developed to find the place where old photographs were taken. The best way to do this is to try to take exactly the same picture. If you can do this, then the place you take the photo is close to the place where the target photograph was taken. The app can record the location into the metadata so that we can share the photographs on the map.

It is then extended to other applications, especially for recording the change of landscape in disaster affected areas. Overlay of photographs with the current landscape is an effective method for paying attention to the detail of change, and will be useful for refreshing or learning memories of the disaster. [Read More..]

Download the App

Android app on Google Play

We are receiving many requests for the development of the iOS version, but we are now focusing on the sophistication of the Android version.

Applications for Disaster Reduction

10th Anniversary of Tsunami at Banda Aceh, Indonesia (Dec. 2014)

Created by Mahruza Murdani, TDMRC, Syiah Kuala University.

To get an idea of what "MemoryHunt" is, we provide photographs taken at Aceh, Indonesia, to compare photographs after Tsunami disaster to recovery.

Aceh Project (old version) Japanese Indonesian
Aceh Project (new version) Japanese Indonesian
Banda Aceh Before and After Album Japanese Indonesian

This experiment was carried out by Prof. Nishi Yoshimi, and Prof. Yamamoto Hiroyuki at CIAS, Kyoto University as part of Area studies on disaster reponse.

20th Anniversary of Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (Jan. 2015)

Created by Mahruza Murdani, TDMRC, Syiah Kuala University.

User Registration

Memory Hunting will start user registration in the future, but for the moment, the system can be used without registration.


Help explains how to use MemoryHunt App.

Terms of Use

Terms of use is especially important to understand the license issue.


  1. The Historicity of Photographs - NII Today, No. 67, Apr 2015


December 24, 2014
MemoryHunt App was released from Google Play.
September 20, 2014
At Fourth Annual Conference of the Japanese Association for Digital Humanities (JADH2014), we presented the Version2 of MemoryHunt with the title Memory Hunting: A Mobile App for Collecting the Location Metadata of Old Photographs.
March 15, 2014
Website was released.