Bam, citadel of Bam
Heritage in Danger
A Memory to Be Kept and Revive

Aurel Stein's Visit to Bam in 1930s

Bam by Aurel Stein

Here is the photo taken by Sir Aurel Stein around 70 years before during his archaeological exploration in north-western India and south-eastern Iran (the reference book).

The photo is taken from southern surrounding wall with view toward the north and north-west of the citadel of Bam. The governor district and the second, third and forth surrounding walls can be seen in the photo. The highest point of the citadel, the watch tower and a far view of the second gate of the government district can be seen in the left side of the photo.

As part of the statement of Stein about his exploration in citadel of Bam he cited:

More interesting was a visit to large Arq of Bam. Once considered as the strongest fortress of Persia. Since its abandonment in the last century it is slowly crumbling to ruins. (Text)

According to this statement of Stein it can be said that the citadel is abandoned at the end of 19th century or sooner in Qajar Period (1795-1925). As it can be seen in this photo the citadel had suffered from vast destruction. Was it due to another earthquake, or due to human destruction is a question to be investigated.

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