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Photographic Views of Canton : vol.1

Caption Index

0007 [Photo] The Slope of the Hill
0009 [Photo] Botanical Garden
0011 [Photo] View from Morrisons hill
0013 [Photo] H.M.S Galatea
0015 [Photo] Bonham Strand
0017 [Photo] The Arch in Lyndhurst Terrace
0019 [Photo] Queen's Road
0021 [Photo] English Cemetery
0023 [Photo] Kowloon City
0025 [Photo] Fishing boat going out Macao
0027 [Photo] Glympse through the trees Cameos Garden, Macao
0029 [Photo] An old Street, Macao
0031 [Photo] Village at Llama Bay
0033 [Photo] An old Factory site Canton
0035 [Photo] Canton from hights
0037 [Photo] The Wall. Canton
0039 [Photo] Life Canton
0041 [Photo] The West Gate Canton
0043 [Photo] A Tartar Cottage door
0045 [Photo] View in English Consulate Canton
0047 [Photo] Mandarins House Canton
0049 [Photo] Entrance to temple of 500 gods Canton
0051 [Photo] Temple of 500 gods, Canton
0053 [Photo] The Slipper boat, Canton
0055 [Photo] Pagoda at Ton Ying Lua's Garden, Canton
0057 [Photo] Way to Theatre of Ton Ying Lua's. Canton
0059 [Photo] The Garden, Canton
0061 [Photo] Yeh's Temple Canton
0063 [Photo] The Hopo Canton
0065 [Photo] no caption
0067 [Photo] A Tea Hong, Canton
0069 [Photo] Houses of the Poor Canton
0071 [Photo] Cantonese Ivory carver
0073 [Photo] Drug Shop, Canton
0075 [Photo] Pagoda North River
0077 [Photo] North River
0079 [Photo] Mountains scenes from Cave
0081 [Photo] Temple North River
0083 [Photo] North River
0085 [Photo] The rapids