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Map of Innermost Asia and Index of Local Names made by Aurel Stein are combined to construct the web-based gazetteer and map search. [Read more..]


We extracted placenames from the Map of Innermost Asia made by Aurel Stein so that we can search placenames recorded by him. We refer to placename index made by Stein, but we found that the index is not comprehensive, so we are adding placenames which are written on the map but not recorded in the index. In addition, we found that the map of Stein is suffered from various errors, so we use Mappinning to find the actual location of placenames.


Concept Design / System Development Asanobu KITAMOTO National Institute of Informatics
Historical Criticism / Data Management Yoko Nishimura Toyo University


For example, input "bulak" to search placenames containing bulak. map search is also available.

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