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0012 Innermost Asia : vol.3
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  1.  Mediaeval Chinese, Byzantine, Sasanian, and Muhammadan coins from Khotan, Khara-khoto, Astana, Kucha, and Sistan Sites.

  2.  Fragments of Sanskrit MS. leaves on paper, palm-leaf, and birch-bark from Khotan and Charkhlik Sites.

  3.  Pieces of Sanskrit MS. leaves on paper from sites near Domoko.

  4.  Fragments of documents in Kuchean and Khotanese on paper and wood from Kuchâ, Turfàn, and Mazar-tagh.

  5.  Fragments of paper documents in Sogdian and of paper MS. in Turkish ` Runic ' script from Loulan Sites, Kara-khôja, and Mazar-tagh.

  6.  Block-printed paper leaves in Chinese and Uighur with interlinear Brahmi text, and document in Khotanese, from Khara-khoto, Turfan, and Mazàr-tagh.

  7.  Paper documents in Uighur and Mongol from Khara-khoto, Etsin-gol, and Turfàn Sites.

  8.  Chinese inscriptions on cloth shrouds and on sepulchral slabs of burnt clay from Astàna Cemetery.

  9.  Chinese paper MS. rolls, some of 5th-6th century A. D., from ` Thousand Buddhas ', Tun-huang.

  10.  Chinese paper MS. rolls, including a laudatory composition on the Empress Wu (Chien. 0249), of 7th-gth century A. D., from ' Thousand Buddhas ', Tun-huang.

  11.  Tibetan documents on wood from Mazar-tagh, Khadalik, Miran.

  12.  Tibetan Pbthï leaf and documents on paper from Mazar-tagh and Khara-khoto.   •

  13.  Tibetan Pôthi leaves containing Buddhist texts and sacred diagram from Khara-khoto and Etsin-gol Sites.

  14.  Tibetan Pothi leaves containing Buddhist texts from Khara-khoto.

  15.  Fragment of Hsi-hsia (Tangut) MS. roll, K.K. H. 0234. k, with Tibetan interlinear transliteration, from Khara-khoto.

  16.  Hsi-hsia (Tangut) MS. roll and block-printed book leaves from Khara-khoto.

  17.  Hsi-hsia (Tangut) MS. roll and book leaves from Khara-khoto.

  18.  Hsi-hsia (Tangut) MS. roll and leaves, also Persian MS. leaf, from Khara-khoto.