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0013 Innermost Asia : vol.3
Innermost Asia : vol.3 / Page 13 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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X. Plan of ruined fort, Chumarkhan.

Rock-engraved Stiipa design with Tibetan inscription on moraine south of Darkôt pass.

Plan of ruined fort, Bahri-khan.

Plan of ruined hospice, Chichilik-maidan.

  1.  Ruined site of Jangal-gumbaz, Tàsh-kurghân. Sketch-plan of ruin ni.   •
    Plan of ruin Iv.

  2.  Ruins of Lal-tagh Site.

Remains of shrines below sacred tombs on Mazar-tagh.

  1.  Detailed map of southern portion of Niya Site.

  2.  Ruined dwellings N. xxxix, XLII, XLIII, xLV, Niya Site.

  3.  Site plan showing ruined farm N. XLIV with adjoining vineyard and ancient river-bed, Niya Site.

  4.  Revised plan of ancient residence, N. iii, Niya Site.

  5.  Sketch-plan of ruined site, Koyumal.

  6.  Ruined structures of Miran Site.

Sketch-plan of ruined site, Bash-Koyumal. Io. Plan of ruined fort, L.K., Lou-lan.

II. Sketch-plan of ruined site L.M., Lou-lan.

  1. Sketch-plan of ruined fort L.E.

Plan of ruined fort L.F. with burial-ground. Sketch-plan of mesa L.C. with grave pits.

  1. Plans of watch-stations, Tun-huang Limes.

  2. Plans of watch-stations, Tun-huang Limes.

  3. Site-plan of Limes wall and watch-towers near Shih-êrh-tun. Sketch-plan of watch-station T. XLIII. 1 near Limes of Ying-p`an. Sketch-plan of ruined Chinese station of Ch`iao-wan-ch`êng.

  4. Plan of watch-stations and forts on Han Limes and Etsin-gol

  5. Sketch-plan of site of Khara-khoto.

  6. Sketch-plan of ruined town of Khara-khoto.

  7. Plans and sections of Stiipas and shrine at Khara-khoto.

  8. Sketch-plan of ruins at and near Khara-khoto.

  9. Ruined Gumbaz outside Khara-khoto.

  10. Sketch-plan of ruined dwellings east of, and shrine K.K. II at, Khara-khoto.

  11. Sketch-plan of ruined site of Pei-t`ing, near Huo-p`u-tzii.

  12. Sketch-plan of ruined town of Idikut-shahri, Kara-khôja.

  13. Sketch-plan of ruined monument Kao. III, Kara-khôja. Sketch-plan of ruined building Kao. V, Kara-khôja. Sketch-plan of remains, Toy. I—III, Toyuk gorge. Sketch-plan of shrines, Toy. v, Toyuk gorge.

  14. Sketch-plan of shrine Yar. I, Yàr-khoto.

Sketch-plan of shrine below Yutôgh.

Sketch-plan of cave-shrine below Yutôgh.

Sketch-plan of ruined tower near Lamjin.

Sketch-plan of cemeteries near Mazâr of Yetti-kiz-khôjam, Yutôgh.

  1. Plan of western group of ruined shrines in gorge, Toyuk.

  2. Sketch-plan and sections of cave-shrine, Toyuk vi.