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History of the Expedition in Asia, 1927-1935 : vol.2

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0027 [Photo] PLATE I~t Major Hempel in the fir wood, Bogdo-ula
0027 [Photo] PLATE I~b Kirghiz spring migration in the Bogdo-ula
0028 [Photo] PLATE 2~t A Qazaq village between Chuguchaq and Sergiopol
0028 [Photo] PLATE 2~b Turki gamblers
0041 [Photo] PLATE 3~t The narrow defile in the J air mountains
0041 [Photo] PLATE 3~b Hokhriekov's house, our quarters when passing Chuguchaq
0042 [Photo] PLATE 4~t Fording a stream on the highroad between Chuguchaq and Urumchi
0042 [Photo] PLATE 4~b A Dzungarian oasis flooded by a broken irrigation canal
0047 [Photo] PLATE 5 Turki peasant types, and a young Tungan soldier
0048 [Photo] PLATE 6~t Climbing a snowy slope of the Bogdo-ula
0048 [Photo] PLATE 6~b The Bogdo-ula range from the south, across Lake Aidin-köl
0056 [Figure] Fig. 1. A well-to-do Turki.
0058 [Figure] Fig. 2. Old Turki from the Tarim region.
0061 [Photo] PLATE 4~l Governor-General Chin Shu-jen in his yamen
0061 [Photo] PLATE 4~r Professor P. L. Yuan at his plane-table
0062 [Photo] PLATE 8~t Boy wading through the mire, of a street in Urumchi
0062 [Photo] PLATE 8~b The Memorial Hall that Governor-General Yang built to himself in Urumchi
0066 [Figure] Fig. 3. Two Turkis (Lopliqs) from the lower Tarim.
0071 [Figure] Fig. 4. Chinese camel feeding from a nose-bag.
0075 [Figure] PLATE 9~t The wall round the Chinese city in Chuguchaq
0076 [Photo] PLATE 9~b In front of a Chinese inn, Sinkiang
0076 [Photo] PLATE 10 Scene from the Torgut temple-yurt presented to King Gustaf
0089 [Photo] PLATE 11~l »Marco Polo » in Hangchow
0089 [Photo] PLATE 11~r From a temple-terrace in Hangchow
0090 [Photo] PLATE 12 A Soochow canal
0099 [Photo] PLATE 13 Vincent Bendix From a drawing by Fernand de Gueldre
0100 [Photo] PLATE 14 The author decorates Mate Lama with the King's gold medal
0102 [Figure] Fig.5 no caption
0105 [Photo] PLATE 15~t The camels of the Gobi-group
0105 [Photo] PLATE 15~b In the camp at Batu-khalagh-sume. From the left: Haslund, Bergman, Friisjohansen, Horner, Larson, the author, Chen, Bexell, Joel Eriksson, Hummel, Bohlin (standing)
0106 [Photo] PLATE 16~t The caravan of the Gobi-group starting on November 11th 1929
0106 [Photo] PLATE 16~b The last breakfast in the camp at Bata-khalagh-sume, November 11th.
0108 [Figure] Fig. 6. Mongol lamas
0111 [Photo] PLATE 17~t A part of the Shara-muren-sume
0111 [Photo] PLATE 17~b Lama lads around a prayer-wheel in the front porch of one of the temple halls, Shara-muren-sume
0112 [Photo] PLATE 18~t Temples of the Durbet Wang
0112 [Photo] PLATE 18~b A prayer hall in Khabchilin-sume, Durbet
0113 [Photo] PLATE 19~t Deva Gung's camp. The temple-yurt in the foreground
0113 [Photo] PLATE 19~b The altar in Deva Gung's temple-yurt
0114 [Photo] PLATE 20 The author and the Durbet prince in front of the latter's palace
0119 [Photo] PLATE 21 The wife of Deva Gung outside their magnificent guest-yurt
0120 [Photo] PLATE 22 Prayer-hall in Boro-tologoin-sume, Chakhar
0125 [Photo] PLATE 23~t Davan-jalangin-sume
0125 [Photo] PLATE 23~b Harring-kerva-sume
0126 [Photo] PLATE 24~t Khadain-sume, Joel Eriksson's missionary station. On the slope of the hill to the left is seen the original Khadain-sume
0126 [Photo] PLATE 24~b Chinese village on the road northwards from Kalgan. The dwellings are partly carved in the loess cliffs
0139 [Photo] PLATE 25~t The Pei-hai island in Peking with its crowning stupa
0139 [Photo] PLATE 25~b Wu-t'a-ssu, outside Peking
0140 [Photo] PLATE 26~t Peking living quarters seen from the city wall
0140 [Photo] PLATE 26~b The Lung-fu-ssu market, Peking
0147 [Figure] Fig. 7. A Mongol from the Edsen-gol oasis
0149 [Photo] PLATE 27 A Young male camel
0150 [Photo] PLATE 28~t A Mongolian express-cart drawn by two cows
0150 [Photo] PLATE 28~b Camels in fine winter dress
0153 [Figure] Fig. 8. A branch of the Edsen-gol in summertime
0158 [Figure] Fig. 9. The dry bed of the Edsen-gol in wintertime
0163 [Photo] PLATE 29 A Mongol lad, full of mirth and curiosity at the queer garb of foreigners
0164 [Photo] PLATE 30~t Camel caravan moving slowly over the Gobi
0164 [Photo] PLATE 30~b Mongols at their best
0167 [Photo] Fig. 10. Head of an antelope (Gazella subgutturosa).
0169 [Photo] PLATE 31~t Supper on our first day on the road to Jehol
0169 [Photo] PLATE 31~b Halt for lunch on the road to Jehol. From the left: the author, Montell and Siiderbom
0170 [Photo] PLATE 32 The eastern gate in the wall enclosing the Potala, Jehol
0175 [Photo] PLATE 33 A gateway in the Potala temple grounds
0176 [Photo] PLATE 34~t Total view of the Potala across the Lion valley
0176 [Photo] PLATE 34~b In the Potala temple grounds
0180 [Photo] Fig. 11. Buildings in the Potala precincts
0181 [Photo] PLATE 35 The heaven-storming facade of the Potala
0182 [Photo] PLATE 36 Georg Söderbom, Hu Ta Lama, Mr Liang and Montell in front of a small, elegant stupa in the premises of the Potala
0184 [Figure] Fig. 12 The southern façade of the Potala
0185 [Figure] Fig. 13. View from the Potala southwards
0187 [Photo] PLATE 37 The Golden Pavilion in the Potala. To the right the remaining skeleton of the surrounding galleries
0188 [Photo] PLATE 38~t Total view of the Hsin-kung as seen from the Summer Palace
0188 [Photo] PLATE 38~b The Hsin-kung seen from the south-west
0190 [Figure] Pig. 14. Hu Ta-lama, head of the monks in the Potala
0191 [Figure] Fig. 15. View towards south-east from the Potala
0193 [Photo] PLATE 39~t The golden roof of the Hsin-kung
0193 [Photo] PLATE 39~b The Hsin-kung
0194 [Photo] PLATE 40~t The courtyard in front of the Ta-fo-ssu
0194 [Photo] PLATE 40~b Chinese farmsteads outside Ch'eng-teh. In the background the temple of the Great Buddha (Ta-fo-ssu)
0196 [Figure] Fig. 16. Western part of the Hsin-kung
0197 [Figure] Fig. 17. Sketch-map of Jehol from a survey by Georg Sederbom. Approximate scale 1: 50,000
0199 [Photo] PLATE 41 View from the Ta-fo-ssu across the Je-ho valley. Above the horizon rises the Batlet
0200 [Photo] PLATE 42~t The P'u-lo-tien
0200 [Photo] PLATE 42~b The Ili-miao
0201 [Figure] Fig.18. In fort of Ta-fo-ssu
0205 [Photo] PLATE 43 Hsu-kuang-ko, the central hall of the P'u-lo-tien
0205 [Photo] PLATE 44~t The Lo-han-t'ang, Jehol
0206 [Photo] PLATE 44~b Some of the five hundred disciples of Buddha in the Lo-han-t'ang
0211 [Photo] PLATE 45 In the Luan-ho gorges
0212 [Photo] PLATE 46~t The Great Wall from the Luan-ho
0212 [Photo] PLATE 46~b The escort we left when passing The Great Wall
0217 [Photo] PLATE 47 The boat on the Luan-ho
0218 [Photo] PLATE 48~t The ferry over the Luan-ho at Sha-ch'iao
0218 [Photo] PLATE 48~b Youngsters coming to inspect our boat
0223 [Figure] Fig. 19. Hsia-k'ou on the Luan-ho
0224 [Figure] Fig. 20. Stopping at Lung-shan, July 11th
0225 [Figure] Fig. 21. Sails on the Luan-ho
0227 [Photo] PLATE 49~t Lung-shan. Luan-ho, July 11th
0227 [Photo] PLATE 49~b Boats on the Luan-ho stopping for the night
0228 [Photo] PLATE 50 A flotilla with grain for the Jehol troops
0237 [Photo] PLATE 51~t A bear dance in the courtyard of the first Swedish House, Peking
0237 [Photo] PLATE 51~b Around the tea-table in the Swedish House. From the left: Professor Lessiug, Mrs Lagerberg, the author, the Swedish chargé d'affaires Joen Lagerberg, Orvar Karlbeck and Georg Söderbom
0238 [Photo] PLATE 52~t The Danish Telegraph Mess in Peking, the second Swedish House
0238 [Photo] PLATE 52~b The temple replica for Chicago in course of manufacture in Peking. To the left in the rear the model of the temple
0247 [Photo] PLATE 53~t Temple ruins from the time of Chien Lung behind the present Summer Palace outside Peking
0247 [Photo] PLATE 53~b Wu-men, the main entrance to the Forbidden City, Peking
0248 [Photo] PLATE 54 The gilded image of the green tara in the Ili-miao, Jehol
0262 [Figure] Fig.22. Plan of the Golden Pavilion of the Potala in Jehol
0265 [Photo] PLATE 55 The replica of the Jehol Golden Pavilion being erected in Chicago
0266 [Photo] PLATE 56 The postage stamps of the expedition and the Chinese painting that served as a model
0273 [Figure] Fig. 23. Mr Chang Yin-t'ang, once Chinese Amban in Lhasa
0275 [Photo] PLATE 57 Packing collections in the third Swedish House, April 1933. From the right : the author, Miss Lessing, Norin, Bohlin, Bergman
0276 [Photo] PLATE 58~l Gilded Buddha statue in Nien-hua-ssu, Peking
0276 [Photo] PLATE 58~r The Buddha in Yen-shou-ssu, with which the local peasants refused to part
0293 [Photo] PLATE 59 View from the Jade Fountain across rice-fields towards the lake at the Summer Palace outside Peking
0294 [Photo] PLATE 60 Courtyards in the last Swedish House in Peking