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0027 Results of a Scientific Mission to India and High Asia : vol.5
Results of a Scientific Mission to India and High Asia : vol.5 / Page 27 (Color Image)


[Figure] Hypsometry, Vol.II Panoramic Profiles of the snowy ranges of High Asia. I. The Himálaya of Bhután, Síkkim, and Nepál. These views ware drawn and surveyed by Hermann de Schlagintweit, 1855 and 1857.

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,   .w'   ,~f=L71D11'HIIIlfl~C Profiles of the 9II1D`J~'~' l'ElI1~PS DlÎ ~Illl t'~S7El,


I. The Ilinuilaya of Bhutân , Sikkim, and iNei ûl.

These views were drawn and surveyed by Hermann de Schlagintweit. 1855, and 1857

  • ,` huts de Sehlalinlweiti. India and Iligh Asta.


   The Paldt mountain is situated in the northern port of the Singhallla ridge on the Sikkim •Sepil frontier   The angular estent from the Sankdsi peaks to the Cbamalhdri is ¢5. to the eastern limit or the panorama in the environs of Gtpmdchi in. The four Bhutan peaks to the rail. though not n   front mm.: fro. arbearingadded for the nake of eompleten... as seen from Assam. The peak Jannu. almost in the rentre of the panorama. lus • bearing very nearly due north Brawn and surveyed by Hermann. toss. May und June.   1pr.Ne. aie t


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The Kmoiia peak lie. N N w of Kathmandu in Nepal Its view includes under N anti,, exceeding Ise! the snowy ranger el Nepal from the Gaurisankar te the fhaubi.ù ranges The snowy peak. of Tibet an excluded front this view by the elevated

diagrams of beannga and of heights Drawn and surveyed by Ilermann. 1557 February and March On No ses

r   —   -   l   Ant ,..,s ..d ..Mabee y "A. ..AL., Legs:p. saw   -   --   - ,   - --   •--_   -

These profiles are redactions of our paubramas in atgear ell . the most w~,.el 4 of whir a   reproduced a oil prints early m the ongin.l, lutes   m the ,Atb o of Panoramas and Views. They are drawn    tot projection, and the angular, distance of the objects. from each oatr m a honrontal. and from the general lens rnrtiwl

IA therefore necessarily tan an uniform seal,. whit oeouna the same fee dtpy opb i a well n. for the lateral parrs .f n the piston,. Our numerous use   mess   ante taken + with Ch aioliles. proved of     that importance also m the onslrneüan of o   panoramas. s famishing u with minute data. which sanld be' drçectl# card as the toothrm

1   Ord 'nil • work as Oat drawing 4   An explanation of the method employed is e ronlalned in Vol. H.,Ry pp. tat 5, in which also the detail of +the geographical no- ordinates is sgiven.

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