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0019 History of the Expedition in Asia, 1927-1935 : vol.2
History of the Expedition in Asia, 1927-1935 : vol.2 / Page 19 (Color Image)

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I. Major Hempel in the fir wood, Bogdo-ula.

Kirghiz spring migration in the Bodgo-ula     4

  1.  A Qazaq village between Chuguchaq and Sergiopol.

Turki gamblers     5

  1.  The narrow defile in the Jair mountains.

Hokhriekov's house, Chuguchaq    16

  1.  Fording a stream on the highroad between Chuguchaq and Urumchff.

A Dzungarian oasis flooded by a broken irrigation canal    17

  1.  Turki peasant types, and a young Tungan soldier     20

  2.  Climbing a snowy slope of the Bogdo-ula.

The Bogdo-ula range from the south, across Lake Aidin-köl     21

  1.  Governor-General Chin Shu-j en in his yamen.

Professor P. L. Yuan at his plane-table    32

  1.  Boy wading through the mire of a street in Urumchi.

The Memorial Hall that Governor-General Yang built to himself in Urumchi    33

  1.  The wall round the Chinese city in Chuguchaq.

In front of a Chinese inn, Sinkiang    44

Io. Scene from the Torgut temple-yurt presented to King Gustaf    45

II. »Marco Polo» in Hangchow.

From a temple-terrace in Hangchow    s6

  1. A Soochow canal     57

  2. Vincent Bendix     64

  3. The author decorates Mate Lama with the King's gold medal    65

  4. The camels of the Gobi-group

In the camp at Batu-khalagh-sume     68

  1. The caravan of the Gobi-group starting on November 11th 1929.

The last breakfast in the camp at Batu-khalagh-some   _ _   69

  1. A part of the Shara-muren-sume. .

Lama lads around a prayer-wheel, Shara-muren-sume     72

  1. Temples of the Durbet Wang.

A prayer hall in Khabchilin-sume, Durbet.   .

  1. Deva Gung's camp. The temple-yurt in the foreground.   .
    The altar in Deva Gung's temple-yurt. .

  2. The author and the Durbet prince in front of the latter's palace    73

  3. The wife of Deva Gung outside their magnificent guest-yurt    76

  4. Prayer-hall in Boro-tologoin-sume, Chakhar    77

  5. Davan-jalangin-sume.

Harring-kerva-sume     8o

  1. Khadain-sume, Joel Eriksson's missionary station.

Chinese village on the road northwards from Kalgan    81

  1. The Pei-hai island in Peking with its crowning stuj5a.

Wu-t'a-ssu, outside Peking     92