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0020 History of the Expedition in Asia, 1927-1935 : vol.2
History of the Expedition in Asia, 1927-1935 : vol.2 / Page 20 (Color Image)

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P   Facing



  1. Peking living quarters seen from the city wall.

The Lung-fu-ssu market, Peking    93

  1. A young male camel    ioo

  2. A Mongolian express-cart drawn by two cows.

Camels in fine winter dress     roi

  1. A Mongol lad, full of mirth and curiosity at the queer garb of foreigners     112
    3o. Camel caravan moving slowly over the Gobi.

Mongols at their best    rra

  1. Supper on our first day on the road to Jehol.

Halt for lunch on the road to Jehol    116

  1. The eastern gate in the wall enclosing the Potala, Jehol    "7

  2. A gateway in the Potala temple grounds     120

  3. Total view of the Potala across the Lion valley.

In the Potala temple grounds    121

  1. The heaven-storming façade of the Potala    124

  2. Söderbom, Hu Ta-lama, Mr Liang and Montell in Jehol    125

  3. The Golden Pavilion in the Potala    128

  4. Total view of the Hsin-kung as seen from the Summer Palace.

The Hsin-kung seen from the south-west    129

  1. The golden roof of the Hsin-kung.

The Hsin-kung     132

  1. Chinese farmsteads outside Ch'eng-teh. In the background Ta-fo-ssu.

The courtyard in front of the Ta-fo-ssu     133

  1. View from the Ta-fo-ssu across the Je-ho valley    136

  2. The P'u-lo-tien.

The Ili-miao     137

  1. Hsü-kung-ko, the central hall of the P'u-lo-tien     140

  2. The Lo-han-t'ang, Jehol.

Some of the five hundred disciples of Buddha in the Lo-han-t'ang     141

  1. In the Luan-ho gorges     144

  2. The Great Wall from the Luan-ho.

The escort we left when passing The Great Wall    145

  1. A boat on the Luan-ho    148

  2. The ferry over the Luan-ho at Sha-ch'iao.

Youngsters coming to inspect our boat    149

  1. Lung-shan, Luan-ho.

Boats on the Luan-ho stopping for the night    156

5o. A flotilla with grain for the Jehol troops    157

  1. A bear dance in the courtyard of the first Swedish House, Peking.

Around the tea-table in the Swedish House    164

  1. The Danish Telegraph Mess in Peking, the second Swedish House.

The temple replica for Chicago in course of manufacture in Peking    165

  1. Temple ruins from the time of Ch'ien Lung behind the present Summer Palace outside Peking.

Wu-men, the main entrance to the Forbidden City, Peking    172

  1. The gilded image of the Green Tara in the Ili-miao, Jehol    173

  2. The replica of the Jehol Golden Pavilion being erected in Chicago    188

  3. The postage stamps of the expedition and the Chinese painting that served as a model     189

  4. Packing collections in the third Swedish House, April 1933     196

  5. Gilded Buddha statue in the Nien-hua-ssu, Peking.

The Buddha in Yen-shou-ssu, with which the local peasants refused to part    197

  1. View from the Jade Fountain across rice-fields towards the lake at the Summer Palace out-

side Peking    212

6o. Courtyards in the last Swedish House in Peking ..    213