Sub Projects

Sub Projects

  • Bamiyan Virtual Museum

    The archiving and reconstructing of cultural heritage based on the references, reports, and photographs taken at the site. The specific target is the Bamiyan complex in Afghanistan, including Grand Buddhas demolished by Taliban.

  • Caravanserais along Silk Road

    Caravanserais (an inn or a guest house for caravans) along Silk Road is an important subject of research for studying intercultural history over the Silk Road regions. We focus on this caravanserais and create the digital archive of them.

  • Dunhuang Field Research

    Dunhuang is famous for caves themselves and paintings inside, and the application of digital technology is important for the preservation and presentation of fragile cultural heritage.

  • The Application of Image Processing, Geographic Information Systems, Content Management and Ontology

    We concentrate on information technology for the information extraction and management of digital cultural resources.