UNESCO World Heritage

UNESCO World Heritage

Silk road is a route with rich cultural heritage, and some of the cultural heritage is inscribed as UNESCO world heritage. Here we summarize cultural heritage in Digital Silk Road Project from the viewpoint of UNESCO world heritage.

First, the following pages summarize basic information or maps of Silk Road.

  1. Silk Road Tour - DSR Imaginary Museum
  2. Silk Road in Rare Books
  3. Discovery of Civilizations of Central Asia

Second, you can find world heritage from the map, and search into cultural heritage data provided from Digital Silk Road. Red markers in the map below are world heritage sites where our website provides some data, and white markers are other world heritage sites. This map includes world heritage sites that were inscribed as Silk Roads Tian-shan corridor, and other world heritage sites in Silk Road regions related to our project.

More information about "Silk Roads Tian-shan corridor" world heritage can be found at Silk Roads of Cloud or UNESCO World Heritage Centre. It is important to remember, however, that the world heritage of "Silk Roads Tian-shan corridor" is just a part of "Silk Roads," and other parts of "Silk Roads" may be inscribed in future applications.

Finally, we show the list of cultural heritage data that Digital Silk Road offers. It starts from east to west.