Design (Calligraphy and Stamp)

Stamp (by Kotaro KAWAI)

"數字絲路印" (Digital Silk Road Stamp). Stone stamp. Its calligraphic style based on archaic style of Chinese character, seal script 篆?. Surrounding geometric pattern indicates abstract image of the trading routes which spread over the whole Eurasia. The character "絲"shown in the center means "silk", the very symbol of ancient trading routes between West and East.

Title Lettering (by Tamami HAMADA)

Chinese title "數字絲綢之路" (Digital Silk Road) follows the Han Wooden Slips excavated much along the Silk Road.

English title "Digital Silk Road" expresses lyrically the image of ancient Silk Road spun by people.

Background Calligraphies (by Tamami HAMADA)

Ruins along the Silk Road make us feel the living and working of the ancient people. These three works represent the changes of immemorial time and space by light ink.

Background Pictures (by Makiko ONISHI)

The original plates of background pictures can be seen in our Digital Archive of Toyo Bunko Rare Books.

Design Arrangement (by Makiko ONISHI)

Every image is arranged by combining the above stamp, calligraphy and old pictures. Some background calligraphies are the portions of expanded images of the original ones.