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We combined Planskizze von Idikutschari and the expedition report made by Albert Grünwedel to recreate the gazetteer and the map index on the Web. [Read more..]

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Fig. 12.
The view of the center of the "City" from northwest (from the ruin ξ). We see long, high walls which is called as Khâns-Palast and at the sign a, there are twin high towers (E), behind of the sign b the rest of the high pillar D.
Das Zentrum der „Stadt" von Nordwesten her gesehen (von der Ruine ξ aus). Man sieht die langen und hohen Mauern, welche den sogenannten Khâns-Palast umgeben und bei a seinen hohen Zwillingsturm (E), dahinter bei b den Rest des hohen Pfeilers D.

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