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0142 Explorations in Turkestan 1903 : vol.1
Explorations in Turkestan 1903 : vol.1 / Page 142 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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The following list of authors and articles makes no attempt to include all that has been written on Western Asia, but only to present those essays that bear most directly on the problems here discussed. The list is, however, unfortunately incomplete in many respects, inasmuch as the libraries accessible during the preparation of this report have been found deficient in regard to Russian explorations in Asia.

The names of Russian authors cited are turned into English phonetic spelling. The sch, tsch, and dsch of the German transliteration and the soft ch of the French are avoided, unless the article cited is in German or French ; in that case the published transliteration is given in parentheses. The terminal tch, which is so generally used, is continued instead of the English hard ch. English translations of Russian titles of articles are inclosed in parentheses.

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Wien, xliv, 1901, 239-261.

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sian). Isvestia Imp. Russ. Geogr. Soc., xxiv, 1888, 91-114.

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193-271, map.

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graphical and geological explorations and surveys west of the one hundredth meridian

(Wheeler's Survey) : Vol. III, Geology. Washington, 1875.

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Geogr. Soc., xxxi, 1861, 366-370. The same in German in Erman's Archiv., xx, 186o, 20-37. A. M. KONsHIN. (Preliminary report on the results of geological and physiographic investigations in the Turkomanian depression: in Russian). Isvestia Imp. Russ. Geogr. Soc., xxii, 1886,


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