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0143 Notes on Marco Polo : vol.2
Notes on Marco Polo : vol.2 / Page 143 (Color Image)

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247. GREEN HILL   739

Ch'ü-êhr-chih = Kürji, in YS, 3, anno 1252, and : S, A Ku-êrh-chih = GürjI, in YS, 120, 7 a. Both really represent Gurji, « Georgian », but the Chinese knew the name through Mongol documents, and the Uiguro-mongol writing does not distinguish between k and g. The Mongols entered Georgia for the first time early in 1221 (cf. Br, I, 294, 299).

The name of the Georgians in Iranian was formerly Gurj, with a parallel form Curl; the element Î (-z) is a suffix of origin, and the element gur- seems to be the outcome of a more ancient vi-; cf. Mi, 421.


casmar, gozutrach G

chansarat, cunsurat, ghusarat TA3

chosurat TA', TA3 coçurath, gusmara LT gazurat FA, FB

gesurach VL

ghufarat TA' r gioxolat V gocurat L goçurat F, Fr, Z gonzurach VA gozuar VB gozurat V, Z

gozurath P guçurat Ft, Z gusurat F, L guzzerat, guzzerati R gvfarat TAI sezurat FAt

Guzerat, Skr. Gurjara, Gurjara-râslra > H. and Mahr. Gujarat. Raidu-'d-Din writes "If Guzarât (ELLIoT, Hist. of India, I, 67). With the usual conflict of vowels in the Pollan Mss., it is not impossible that the original form was « Guçurat » or even « Guçarat ». On the name and its application, cf. YULE, Hobson-Jobson2, 388; DAMES, Barbosa, I, 108; Fe, 705. Fra Mauro writes « Guçirat » (not « Guzirat » or « Cvcirat » as in Zu, 42 and HALLBERG, 216-217).

Guzerat has a notice in 1225 in Chao Ju-kua, under the name j   q Hu-ch'a-Ia, which,
if taking into account the pronunciation of the author, strictly represents *Gujarat (cf. HR, 92-93). Chao Ju-kua, like Polo, mentions among its native products indigo and cotton.


grune berg G mons uirdis LT mont uers F

mont vert FA, FB   monte verde TA', VA; R

monte uerde TA3, V   viridis mons P

The spelling in F is « Mont Vers » for what, in modern French, would be « Mont Vert », the « Green Hill » of the translation. Polo gives this name to an artificial hill in the Imperial Palace