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0253 Notes on Marco Polo : vol.2
Notes on Marco Polo : vol.2 / Page 253 (Color Image)

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358. TENDUC   849

  1. TEMUR

temul G

temur F, FA, TA', TM, VA

temut V tenur FA

themur FB, LT, P, VL; R

Tämiir iron » in Turk. and Mong.) ; the name is quite common. This is Chên-chin's (see « Cinchim ») third son, according to Chinese as well as Persian sources. Tämiir is the name under which he was known before his accession to the throne (Pa, 263, is quite wrong on that point) ; when he succeeded Qubilai, he took the title of Öijäitü, «Fortunate» (cf. YS, 18, I a; BI, u, 358),

while his posthumous title is b   Ch'êng-tsung, « Perfect Ancestor » (BI, 448, is mistaken on the
nature of that title). Tämiir, born on October 15, 1265, ascended the throne on May 10, 1294, and died on February 10, 1307.

  1.  TENDUC


tanduc FA tangut VB

Province or Plain

candur G chanudue, trangut V sandug VB senduc F, Fr, t stangut LT

tenduc F, FB, L, TA', TAs, Z; R

tandu FB

tanduc F, FA, FB, L, TA', TAS

tanduch P, VA tanguth VL

tenduch LT, VA trangut V

tenduc F, FB, L, LT, TAI, TAS, V, Z; R

tenduch LT, P, VA; R tenguc F

tentuc FAt

There ought to have been no discussion about the name since KLAPROTH, more than a century

ago, derived it from X ft   T'ien-tê-chün, the « army of T'ien-tê ». But PAUTHIER, though he
was faced with a correct interpretation, opposed it at once. In spite of PALLADius's additional arguments and of my own indications in JA, 1912, I, 595-596 (alluded to in Y, III, 62, where I am