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0153 Notes on Marco Polo : vol.2
Notes on Marco Polo : vol.2 / Page 153 (Color Image)

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258. INDIE   749

The silk of Yazd is mentioned by Oriental and Western writers (cf. HEYD, I, 109), and YULE (Y, I, 88-89) has already quoted Oriental texts which speak of yäzdi brocade. But, to my knowledge, the name itself of the « iasdi » (= yäzdi) silk mentioned by Polo has not as yet been found in any other Western text.


gyosudar LT   iesusdar V   josudar Z

iesudar F, FA

The name is well attested in Mongolian, and there can be no doubt that Polo used it; in written Mongolian, yisüdü'är means « ninth » and one is tempted to adopt it as the explanation of « Iesudar », but the Secret History (§ 274) and YS, 8, 6 b, 10 b; 13, 3 a; 122, 5 b; 129, 3 a, etc. (cf. WANG Hui-tsul, 22, 9 a-11 a), as well as the Persian sources (for instance Bl, II, 464), know only Yäsüdär or Yesüdär (Yisüdär); the most usual Chinese transcription Yeh-su-ta-êrh covers absolutely Polo's « Iesudar »; cf. perhaps Kaim. Yistr, a masculine proper name (RAMSTEDT, Kalm. Wörterb., 219). On other names with the ending -dar, see « Negodar ».

Nevertheless, we do not know of any prince of that name who can in any way be associated with Qaidu; there may have been a slip in Polo's account, and, for the present, it would be vain to propose the name of any other of Qaidu's confederates as having played the part attributed by Polo to « Iesudar ».

  1.  INDIE

india granda V

india maggior R

india maggiore TA' india maior L, P, Z india mazor VA, VB, VL [isole maggiori TA3]

india menor V, VA, VB, VL;


india minor L, P, Z

india minore TAI, TA3

menor ynde F

ynde meneur FB

ynde menour FA

india mediana L, P

india mezana V, VA, VB, VL

india mezzana, seconda R

meçaine (meçane) yndie F

media seu mediana india P

mediane [indie] Fr, t

mediocris indya Z

mezana india TA3

mezzana india TA'

mittilste indie G

moianne inde FA

moienne ynde FA, FB

yndia media LT

india superior Z

endie, ydie, yndes, yndie F

inde F, FA

indes 0

india L, LT, P, TA', TM,

V, VA, VB, VL, Z; G, R

indie F, Fr, t; G

indya Z

ynde F, FA, FB

yndia LT, Z

yndienz F

groze indie G

inde (ynde) greignor (greingnor) F

On Greater, Middle and Lesser India, I have nothing worth adding to what has already been stated by YULE (Y, II, 425427). YULE says nothing about the eight great continental kingdoms

nde (ynde) greigneur FA,

i   FB