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0142 Notes on Marco Polo : vol.2
Notes on Marco Polo : vol.2 / Page 142 (Color Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000246
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738   244. GIORGIANIE


çorcia, çorçia, zorcia L georgia LT giorgia TAI, TA3 giorgies VB gorgyana, gyorgiana G

iorgienie F jorgane FA jorganie FA, FB jorgia Z jourganie FBr

zorzai VL

zorzania Ps, V, VA, VL; R zoziannia Pr

zozzannia P

Georgia. Plan Carpine writes « Georgiana » (PPy, 87); Hethum, « Jorgie »; Clavijo, « Gorgania ». On Rubrouck's forms, see « Giorgiens ». The Persian name is Gurjistân; the Russian, Gruzya.

HALLBERG, 235, 306, quotes « Gursey » and « Kursi » as forms of the name of Georgia, but does not mention his sources, and there is no notice on Georgia in his book.


georgiani LT giorgens TAI giorgiani R giorgiens Fr, t, TAlr, TA3 girogian, iogiens, iorgiens,

ioriens F

gorgyani G iorgans FA, FB jorgensis, jorgienses Z jorgiani L zaonichi V

zorzani P5, V, VA, VL zorzens, zorzini VB zorziani VL

zozzani P

Georgians. Plan Carpine writes « Georgiani » (IWy, i, 89, 112); Clavijo, « Gorganos ».

Rubrouck (Wy, 319) speaks of the river « Cur [= Kur, .fls Kurd, a quo dicuntur Curgi, quos nos dicimus Georgianos », and, immediately afterwards, of Tiflis, « que est civitas metropolis Gurginorum ». In the following pages, there is a desperate mixture of « Curgia », « Gurgia » and « Gorgia » for the name of the country; as to the inhabitants, they are once called « Georgini » (var. « Gorgon »), and several times « Gurgini ». Rubrouck is, like Polo, a very accurate transcriber, and he can not have used all these different spellings. His etymology is absurd (perhaps, coming from a Turkish speaking country, he took the final of the name as the mongolo-turkish suffix of the nomen agentis, -5i, or fi); but it implies the reading « Curgi » which his text gives in that passage; nevertheless, it really corresponds to ~Ç Gurji, « Georgian », and « Gurginus » would be a normal Latin derivative, just as Russ. « Gruzin » is a normal Russian derivative of « Gruzya ». « Georgini » is a misreading, perhaps for « Georgiani », more probably for « Gurgini ». In the same way, I think that Rubrouck's real form for Georgia was «Gurgia ». Otherwise, «Curgi» stand alone as the native

name, and we ought to read « Georgia » and « Georgiani » everywhere else.

The Chinese had heard of Georgia at the time of the Mongol conquests, and we find



g, p