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0161 Serindia : vol.3
Serindia : vol.3 / Page 161 (Color Image)

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arms gone. Cloak spread behind body ; drapery over hips. H. 6a". Pl. CXXXIII.

Mi. xi. oogg. Stucco relief head of young woman. Hair brushed straight back from forehead, and tied by a wimple that passes over crown of head and ears, and under chin. Eyes almost completely closed ; mouth only moderately bowed. Beautiful modelling. Chin to crown 2r. Pl. CXXXII.

Mi. xi. ooxoo. Stucco relief head of old woman laughing. Mouth wide open showing upper row of teeth, heavy creases from nostrils to corners of mouth ; forehead puckered and wrinkled, lines at corners of eyes. Hair brushed straight back from forehead and falling behind ears. Cf. Mi. xi. 0074, 00125. Chin to crown 3'. Pl. CXXXIII.

Mi. xi. ooxox. Stucco relief head. Face from mould like Mi. xi. 0056, but hair complete and differently treated. Turban comes across forehead, covering hair and forming one broad plaited roll, above which two ends make wavy top-knot. Hair on either side is brushed out round ears and falls straight to shoulders. Lobes of ears missing. H. 5'. Pl. CXXXII.

Mi. xi. 00102. Stucco relief head of classical type with pointed curling beard and moustache. Brows contracted, wrinkling forehead and nose, but corners of mouth turned up, and prominent eyes normally open. Head-dress and hair as in Mi. xi. 0061. R. ear gone and lobe of L. Drapery going behind L. shoulder. Traces of dark paint on eyes, hair, and beard. For others of similar type, see Mi. xi. 00103-6. Tip of beard to top of head-dress 5". Pl. CXXXII.

Mi. xi. 00103. Stucco relief head, pair to Mi. xi. 00102 ; but after moulding heavy lines have been incised in cheeks and crow's-feet by eyes. L. ear gone. H. 5'. Pl. CXXXII.

Mi. xi. 00x04. Stucco relief head, bearded, as Mi. xi. 00102, but smaller. Turban different, wrapped straight across forehead, then aslant ; the two ends twice interlaced, one then rising to form simple top-knot inclined to wearer's L., the other falling outwards over L. ear. L. ear missing, R. has rosette. Traces of dark brown paint on beard. H. 31". Pl. CXXXII.

Mi. xi. ooro5. Stucco relief head from same mould as Mi. xi. 00104 ; cf. Mi. xi. 00102. Beard broken on R., and R. ear gone ; also rosette of L. ear. H. 3.r

Mi. xi. ooxo6. Stucco relief head from same mould as Mi. xi. 00102. Top-knot and lobes of both ears missing. H. 4'.


Mi. xi. 00107. Stucco relief head. Face from same

mould as Mi. xi. 0056, ooror, but hair differently treated from either, giving quite different appearance. It grows down in a point on forehead, and is brushed straight back from this and round temple in short wavy locks. Moustache, beard, and whiskers are added in appliqué work ;


moustache long and wavy ; beard and whiskers formed of a series of separate curls that turn towards chin. Ears pointed like satyr's, with long lobes half hidden by whiskers. H. 3'. PI. CXXXII.

Mi. xi. ooro8. Stucco relief fr. of R. foot, broken at instep. Scale for figs. of *Mi. xi. oo type. Across toes rsu


*Mi. xi. ooxog. Stucco relief head ; one from a series of figs. of warriors. Fig. from crown of head to end of coat of mail measured r or (feet and crest are always wanting), stood upright, and was seen full front.

Face has fierce expression well rendered ; highly arched black eyebrows are drawn down and in at their inner corners, making vertical furrows in forehead and a ridge across root of nose. Eyes prominent with heavily marked lids, black lashes, and round protruding black eyeballs; nose slightly aquiline with sharply cut nostrils; mouth small and curved, full, with prominent hanging lower lip; chin cleft. Face a rather long oval, coloured red (with a good deal of • ochre). Small black moustache and imperial ; lips crimson.

On head a close-fitting helmet, of lacquered leather plates fitted with crest and cheek-pieces ; a narrow plate hangs from rim down forehead to root of nose. Rim of helmet plain ; three diminishing rows of plates, whose curved overlapping edges run right to left from front medial line, round helmet off to solid ring from which a bevelled boss rose to form base of crest. Over the temples came cheek-pieces, which were apparently continued round back of head. They were formed of two horizontal bands each containing two rows of leather scales, bordered and divided by plain rims ; the plain border with a certain amount of scale-armour was continued under chin and united with gorget. From sides projected grotesque earpieces, formed of double incurved volute. The whole helmet seems to have been painted one colour, red or green. For heads, see Mi. xi. oor ro—r r, and xii. 009-13 ; cf. also Mi. xi. 00112.

Body wholly cased in scale-armour. From close under chin a smooth gorget (green) protected neck and upper part of chest. The coat of mail had a heavy rolled border; it came high up at back of neck, spread out to sq. points on shoulders and curved to meet just below collar-bone ; from the fastening the two edges ran down together to belt. Sleeves were long.

Throughout two horizontal rows of scales form a unit and are divided from next two by a raised band ; each unit is painted green, or red, or gilded, colours usually alternating. Border red. The belt is a double cord, red. Below it hangs a sq. cord-piece, with three double rows of smaller scales. The trousers apparently made in same piece ; they are flat and baggy and have fringed ends reaching about half-way down shin. For bodies, see Mi, xi. o0112-13 ; xii. 0014-17 ; xv. oo18.

In his L. hand the warrior held a round shield fitted with arm-straps (xii. 0020). This was either plain with