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0161 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 161 (Color Image)

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03, with band of white discs round upper end of pedestal, series of downward-pointing petals below, and series of upward-pointing petals round outside of bowl. Inside of cup painted black, with red round rim. Good shape and good condition. H. 6r", diam. of mouth 41", of upper end of shaft Ii", of foot 4h". PI. XC.

Ast. i. I. 06. Pottery jar ; same ware and decoration in black with white spots as Ast. i. I. 03 ; and similar in form, but shorter and more squat. Band of spots round middle left out, the ends of upward and downward petals alternating with each other in its place. Remains of fine dark-brown decayed matter inside. H. 41", diam. of mouth 3", of shoulder 5", of bottom 3". Pl. XC.

Ast. f. I. 07. Small pottery dish or bowl ; circular, with flat bottom, and expanding sides curving in again to inward-bevelled rim. Remains of white spot and red decoration on black, as on Ast. i. I. 03, &c., but almost effaced. Decayed flaky buff-coloured matter inside. H.

diam. of mouth 3j", of bottom I ".

Ast. i. r. 08. Number of small silk frs., buff, blue and bright red. Plain weave. Well preserved.

Ast. i. I. 09. Fr. of silk, striped narrow blue and yellow; both stripes shaded. Twill. 6f" x4".

Ast. i. I. ow. Fr. of silk damask. Pattern quatrefoil in lozenge-shaped rosettes, adjoining horizontally ; arranged in lines, alternate lines shifted half the unit of pattern, forming a zigzag space of ground between. Buff, part dyed blue. Cf. pattern of Ast. i. r. ou, Pl. LXXVIII, LXXXIII. Good condition. 21" x 2ZS". Pl. LXXXIV.

Ast. i. r. on. Fr. of figured silk. Blue ground with rosettes in shades of buff blue and green, alternately quatrefoil and hexafoil arranged en échelon, each type of rosette forming a row of its own kind. The foils are formed of delicately woven palmettes attached by stems to a centre boss. Fine twill weave. For type, cf. Set.. iv. Pl. CXI, CXVI. A, Ch. 00181. Fragile and ragged. Colour bright. 6" x 3k". Pl. LXXVIII, LXXXIII.

Ast. i. 1. 012. Wooden duck, carved in the round and to some extent conventionalized. Graceful boat-shaped body ending in long finely pointed tail ; under-side curved and keeled ; top flat from side to side, but lightly concave from breast to tail, and with head and neck standing up from it in relief. Neck is thrown back flat from breast, and head held erect with long well-curved back retracing line of neck.

Curved under-side painted dark red, feet not marked ; upper side painted with black and red lines on white ground to indicate feathers. A short curved series, emphasized by incised lines, on either side of head and neck to represent wings, and straight painted series behind to represent tail ; but whole much worn.

Neck painted black or dark brown ; upper part of head light blue, with eye (in relief) white outlined black. Bill light red, carefully carved, with nostrils at upper end,

converging grooves below, ridge along middle of top, and groove marking division of bill along sides.

Whole very carefully made and in good condition. Use uncertain ; perhaps symbol of happiness. For others, see Ast. i. 2. o6, 3. 021. Length a", height ii". Pl. CIV.

Ast. i. 2. 03. Frs. of blue silk of fine texture, painted with brown, white and black ; from serpentine lower bodies of Fu-hsi and Nü-wa. Too fragile to open outs Mass measures 12" x 8".

Ast. i. 2. 04. Pottery bowl, roughly made ; painted black, with band of pearls below rim and a red line. Rising from base, four petal-shape divisions outlined red, within which a row of pearls and red central rib. Remains of food adhering at bottom. Diam. 6" x 3,I". Pl. XC.

Ast. i. 2.05. Wooden food bowl, turned thin and of full depth inside. Split down one side and joined with four string stitches. Narrow ring foot. Diam. 5f", height 3k", thickness of wall *" to }". Pl. XCI.

Ast. i. 2. o6. Wooden duck, with boat-shaped body slightly hollow on upper surface, into which neck and head are thrown back, head pointing forward with beak slightly open. Head realistic and well, though rapidly carved. Portion of bark remaining under body. Good condition. See also Ast. i. I. o12, 3. 021. L. 3r", width 2}", height 2I". PI. CIV.

Ast. i. 3. 06. Three Chinese coin•shaped silver discs without inscr., but drilled with two holes in opposite edges for threading as ornaments.

Ast. i.. 3. 07. Seven glass beads ; flat spheroids, blue and green. c. I" diam.

Ast. f. 3. 012. Thin silver (?) plates, two crescent and five pear-shaped ; drilled for threading. Parts of ornament. Corroded and brittle. Crescents c. ii" across. Pears c. II"-r" x r. Pl. LXXXIX.

Ast. i. 3. 013. Thin strip of plain gold. 1j" x

Ast. i. 3. 014-18. Five pottery food bowls, rough grey ware, some containing traces of food inside. Outside painted in tempera ; 014, black ground divided into four by thin red lines, each division petal-shaped ; red streak in centre of each petal rises from bottom edge, surrounded by carelessly painted red line, and a row of seven white spots (pearls). Upper flat edge, red ; inside plain. The others are variations of same pattern. Av. diam. 3+I", height it". Pl. XC.

Ast. f. 3. 059-20. Two pottery food bowls ; same shape, ware, and decoration as Ast. i. 2. 04, but without band of pearls below rim. Insides painted light grey with red band round rim. 020 broken (now put together). H. 3f" and 3V', diam. at rim 6is" and 6".

Ast. i. 3. 021. Wooden duck, as Ast. i. 1. 012, Pl. CIV. Style, attitude, &c., exactly the same (for slightly different, cf. Ast. i. 2. o6, Pl. CiV), and careful workmanship ; but half of bill lost and tail chipped. Feathers indicated solely