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0458 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 458 (Color Image)

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shoulder a projecting flat band 4" broad, its lower edge cut into regular ` vandyke ' points. 5"x 311". Pl. CXV.

Shahr. o41. Fr. of pottery. Part of shoulder ; has double-line incised band and festoon combing above and below. 3"X 2". Pl. CXV.

Specimens of incised pottery. The following have leaf-shaped impressions placed in a single row variously spaced round junction of neck and shoulder of vessel. The form of leaf is triangular with serrated edges and is perhaps derived from the vine. The upper part generally deeply impressed and the base scarcely at all. A variation of the stamp is a smooth-edged pine-cone shape used on Shahr. 03o.

Shahr. o6. Deeply impressed. 3f". oz6. Small leaf on slightly raised fiat band. 45". 019, 021. Small leaf without raised band. 3f", 2f". 022. Larger leaf, deeply impressed and close together. 4i". 024. Small leaf without raised band. Square point to leaf. 21". 027. Naturalistic leaf lightly impressed. 3". 030. Pine cone, faintly impressed. 31". Pl. CXV. 034. Small leaf. 2". 07. Small leaf cut into seven petal-like divisions by radiating ribs. Below, surface is ribbed with shallow channels between. 41"X 31. Pl. CXV.

Specimens of incised pottery ; various patterns. Shahr. ox. Base of large coarse vessel decorated with

deep approx. circular depressions about â" in diam. 5f". 025, from shoulder of vessel, with two encircling rows of closely packed short vertical incisions. 111". Pl. CXV. 031, fr. of body of vessel, with raised cable band about I" wide. 511"X 5f". 032, fr. of body of vessel, with raised cable band about r wide. 4". Pl. CXV. 040, fr. with deeply incised zigzag line between two plain lines. Outside the plain lines are irregularly placed ` jabbed ' impressions. ii". 044, fr. of roughly made loop handle with fern-like incised ornament on face of loop. 211". 045, from shoulder of vessel. Band of double piping with row (?) of rectangular depressions above. 2116". Pl. CxV. 013, fr. from shoulder of vessel, with broad band of festooning made with combing tool. 2k". 028, 29, 40, frs. from wall of vessel, with annular incised line and bold irregular incised lines below and above. 3k", 3f", 14". 042, fr. from wall of vessel showing two encircling burnished lines about 11" apart. Above, a row of combed festooning. Below, a band of straight combing and a vertical combed line proceeding from it. Suggests a panelled scheme. 24".

Shahr. 026. Fr. of painted pottery. Part of large vessel. Inside ribbed in soft broad undulations. Body red, outside buff. Painted in black outline appear what seem to be a pair of legs, from knees downwards, and another object not understood. Very crude. 5"X 5"X I".


Atish. 02. Part of flat circular slab ; lid (?). Red, surfaced with thin rich wash slightly burnished. At one end part of three deep concentric circular channels. Rev. plain. 3"X I8"X r. PI. CXV.

Atish. 03, 06. 03, red ; part of shoulder and neck of large vessel. Band of impressed palmate leaf forms at root of neck. Below, regular horizontal ribbing. Neck, plain. 41"X 4:11". o6, from shoulder of vessel. Dark red with deep red wash outside. Scar where loop handle has broken away. Two impressions of leaf stamp on shoulder. Type of leaf, gradini', similar to Shahr. 023. 2$"X111".

Atish. 04, from wall of vessel. Red ; regularly ribbed, with rather shallow channels. 111"x2 ".

Atish. 05, from wall of vessel. Red ; has faintly burnished annular lines with band of shallow combed festooning above. 211"X 2f". Pl. CXV.


Atish. 07, o8, red, with rich red surface wash. 07, from wall of vessel ; plain. Single channel on inner surface. 2g"X If". o8, from mouth of vessel. Neck curves inward from lower edge of lip. Iî"X I11". Pl. CXV.

Atish. 0g, from mouth and shoulder of globular (?) vessel ; fine red. No neck. Mouth a simple hole in top of globe, but lip delicately rounded. Outside, a pair of thin channels. Above, a single incised scalloped line ; below, a single line ` Greek ' wave fret. 211"X Ir. Pl. CXV.

Atish. 010, red. Part of loop handle reeded with four reeds. II"X I4". Pl. CXV.

Atish. on. Pottery whorl ; pierced, red. Echinusshaped, dished at one side and with raised centre at other. Annular rings round sides and rays on dished surface.

q" g,i s X ~ .



Before I proceed to describe the ruined sites, all of later date, visited by me north of the Rûd-iSistân, brief reference may be made here to the Band-i-Siste n. It is the great barrage situated about 8 miles south of Shahristân at the point where the Helmand bifurcates into the river branches irrigating the present cultivated portion of Sïstân. It may well claim some antiquarian interest ; for it is certain that irrigation in Sistân, and with it the occupation of the land by a settled agricultural population, must throughout historical times have depended upon the maintenance of great


Irrigation dependent on Helmand barrage.