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0491 Innermost Asia : vol.2
Innermost Asia : vol.2 / Page 491 (Color Image)

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99, 153, 155, 241, 245, Pl. CXVIII). A third variety, also glazed white, has patterns in blue, of Chinese and PersoChinese type (Khu. 03, 4, 5, 6, 15, 16 ; Pusht. 02 ; Machi. 021, 27 ; K.G. 081, 88, 98, 154 ; R.R. 03, Pl. CXVIII). A fourth variety is of fine texture with good white glaze and naturalistic fern-like sprigs in brown and green without outline (Machi. 051, 52, Pl. CXVIII). A fifth variety shows a raised pattern in light tone on a celadon grey-green ground (Pusht. o8, Pl. CXVIII).

A sixth type differs from all the others. Nearly all the fragments of this type are from shallow dishes and show very bold arabesque patterns painted in bands of black, dark

brown, pink, red, sage green, and yellow on white ground. Rings and dots are picked out in graffito on some of the coloured bands (A. 02-6, 8-I r, 13-14,17, 21-23 -1-, PI. CXVII). In one or two pieces the bright glaze is iridescent.

The fragments of wall tiles and tile mosaic from Shah Rukh's Madrasah at Khargird (see above, ii. p. 899) form another class. In these tiles the body is always gritty and not heavily fired. Two examples show tile mosaic or inlay (Khar. 021, 25, Pl. CXVIII) ; others are painted in imitation of inlay (Khar. 02, Pl. CXVIII), while others again make no pretence to be anything but painted tiles (Khar. oi, 3, 19, 26, Pl. CXVIII).


Akh. oI, 2, 19, 23. Frs. of stone vessels. oz, from lip and wall of alabaster bowl. 2"x Ii". 02, from rim of straight-sided alabaster jar. IA"X i". 019, from lip of sloping sided jar. Lip flat on top and overhanging outwards. I"X i". 023, from side of vessel. Dark grey. Two annular incised lines an4l incised cross-hatching below.

!fix i.,.

Akh. 03. Fr. of pottery bowl, showing mouth flush with sides. 14" below mouth, on outside, a raised annular rib, notched. 21"X Ii".

Akh. 04. Fr. of pottery, from wall of vessel ; light buff. Plain. 21"X Ii".

Akh. 05, 6. Frs. of pottery, from shallow bowls. Red ; unglazed. 05, seems to have had polished red slip. 3"X Ii". o6, similar to 05 but thinner. 2f x ii". Pl. CXV.

Akh. 07. Fr. of pottery. Pale red, glazed outside with very polished green-yellow glaze. Ii"Xe".

Akh. 08. Fr. of pottery. Buff gritty body. Regularly ribbed inside. 21"X 2".

Akh. og, II-13, 16. Frs. of pottery. Buff, painted, ` chalcolithic '. Patterns in brown and brown-black. 09, shows

curved lines and cross-hatching. Ii"X Ii". orz, has annular lines and a series of parallel festoon or looping lines. I$"X Ii", 012, shows pair of annular lines and oblique wavy line. 21"X Ii". 013, shows zone bordered by two pairs of lines and three-line festoon as on ()II. It"X

or6, shows annular lines and other strokes on inside surface. I" X I".

Akh. 010. Fr. of pottery. Red body with greenish-buff surfaces. No painting. 21"X I8". Pl. CXV.

Akh. 014. Fr. of pottery. Light buff, with small punched rings all over surface. 28"X Ii". Pl. CXV.

Akh. 015. Fr. of pottery, red. Surface has pale pink slip and is painted inside with two curved lines and a parallel ` scrabbled ' line. 1" X I".

Akh. 017-8. Frs. of pottery, grey ; painted. 017, has red outer surface and four annular lines in black. is"x oz8, outer surface light grey. Painted with double-line zigzag, with ladder' hatching between lines. A triangle, hatched, in each hollow of zigzag. Ii"X i".

Akh. 020. Fr. of agate. " x I".

Akh. 021. Fr. of iron bridle. Length   PI. CXVI.

Akh. 022. Shell bead, tubular. i" x a".


Machi. ox, 3, 4. Frs. of pottery vessels ; ` chalcolithic'. or, fig-shaped, as R.R. nI. 016. Buff. No painting. H. 2", diam. 2i". 03, rim painted with pair of annular lines outside, and a pair with undulating line between, inside. Surface burnished ; rich red. Ii"X Ii". 04, pale buff. Outside, painted in yellow-brown, shows zone of festoons formed by double lines and the spandrels between, hatched horizontally. 21"x 2 é".

Machi. 05. Fr. of wall of globular vessel, pale buff. Outside, painted in yellow-brown, shows a zone of intertwining meanders with the loops hatched. 21"x 2i". Pl. CXIII.

Machi. o6-8. Frs. of vessels. o6, pale buff. Painted in brown, outside, pair of annular lines ; below, apex of triangle filled in solid. irx I". 07, pale buff. Plain. Icy "X Ii". o8, green buff. Plain. 2"X Ii".

Machi. og, 29, 38, 88. Frs. of glass bangles.

Machi. oI0 + II. Fr. of pottery vessel. From wall of bulbous body. Two raised keel-shaped ribs run round greatest diameter ; between them a wavy raised line forms very stylized leaf with serrated edges. Where serrations are drawn the background is hatched with vertical lines. All ribs and serrations in strong black lines over a dirty white slip. Hor. ch. 6" ; vert. • ch. 3". Pl. CXIII.

Machi. 012-14, 25. Frs. of vessels. Grey, fine. 025, shows outside zone of linked (touching) squares. r"X i".

Machi. 015, 28, 59, 6o-63. Frs. of pottery vessels. Wheel-made ; pale buff and pale ` terra-cotta '. ors, glazed rich blue inside. 2" X Ik" X i". -028, glazed yellow-brown all over. I" X /" X i". 059, glazed pale sage-green both sides. Inside surface widely ribbed horizontally.