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0023 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1 / Page 23 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Minor and Typographical. (For more material corrections, see p. cox' segq.)

Passim ; for Remusat, Assemanni, Masudi, Sir H. Elliott, read Rémusat,

Assemani, Mas'ûdf, Elliot.

P. xxxiii, fifth line of motto, for été, read étée.

P. xlvi, line 13, after relate, insert as.

P. xlix, § 23, line 2, for Tzintiza, read Tzinitza.

P. lviii, line 8, for account, read accounts.

P. lx, near middle, for Petzigaudius, read Petzigaudias.

P. lxxii, § 49, line 8, for Fathian, read Fahian.

P. lxxv, last line, for Jahanghir, read Shah Jahan.

P. lxxvii, line 2, for (Dwara)=Samundra, read (Dwara) Samundra.

P. cix, line 13-14, for This work, read His work.

P. clxxx, Note 1, twice, for Epthalites, read Ephthalites.

P. clxxxiv is paginated as clxxxvi.

P. ccxxxix, near bottom, Karmisin. Kirmesin was a city from whose

ruins arose Kermanshah (see Riwlinson in J. R. G. S., ix, 42).

P. 14, line 7, for Beato, read Beata.

P. 49, near bottom, for Desguignes, read Deguignes.

P. 114, last line, and p. 115, note 3, read Masci,lak-al-Absâr.

P. 139, third last line, for .Martin, read Martini.

P. 206, 4th parag. from below, for Theophylactes, read Theophylactus.

  1.  8th line from below, for latter, read former.

  2.  in the third Persian word the vowel-mark has been reversed.

P. 227, note, line 3, dole five.

P. 240, note, for malestouttes, read -toultes.

P. 304, second last line, Burns, read Burnes.

P. 326, In quotation at bottom, for bulza, read balza.

P. 335, last note, for Benedict XI, read X.

P. 359, middle of page, for end of fourth, read beginning of fifth.

P. 377, 4th line from end of first parag. of note, for Baldi, read Balbi.

P. 400, second paragraph, for Kishm, read Ktsh.

P. 448, paragraph o, fourth line, for Polonius, read Polonus.

P. 453, third paragraph from below, in preceding note A, dele A.

P. 457, eight lines from bottom of text, for ul, read al.

P. 468 and 470, for Dhahir, read Zahir.

P. 494 and 495, for Ul Bushri, read Al-Bushri.


P. 476, third line from below, for Vas, read Vasa.

P. 517, third line of fourth paragraph, put a comma after Sahel.P. 519, line 22, for application, read appellation.

P. 526, note 1, for Haidar Razi, read Mahomet Haidar.

P. 549, title, after "Chapters XI, XII, XIII," insert of Book V.   '
P. 564, for Trigantius, read Trigautil<s.