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0044 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1 / Page 44 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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393; image of the Virgin worshipped in Campsay during the first moon ; feast of lanterns, 394.


(Circa 1347.)

Introductory Notice.

His birth, 397; facilities and stimulus to Mahomedan travelling in those days; its vast field; commencement of his travels, 398 ; Alexandria; Upper Egypt ; Syria; the pilgrimage ; Basra, Persia, . Baghdad, 399; second pilgrimage ; Yemen ; Aden, its flourishing state ; the African coast, 400; Oman; Hormuz ; Central Arabia; third pilgrimage ; crosses the Red Sea and travels to Cairo ; Syria (second time) and Asia Minor ; crosses the Black Sea, 401 ; Caffa ; Majar ; Uzbek Khan; visits the city of Bolghar ; the land of darkness ; Astracan ; journey with a Greek Princess to Constantinople, 402; Ukak ; Soldaia ; Constantinople ; the name Istambul; Andronicus Senior, 403; returns to Uzbek ; visits Khwarizm and Bokhara ; Tarmashirin, Khan of Chagatai ; Khorasan ; passes the Hindu Kush ; Pashai, the Pascia of Polo ; Sind, 404 ; Schwan ; Larri Bandar ; travels towards Delhi; Multan ; Mahomed Tughlak, the then Sultan of Delhi, and his character ; journey from Multan to Delhi, 406.

Reception at Delhi, and appointment as judge, 407 ; eight years' residence in India ; his extravagance ; he falls into disfavour, 409 ; becomes an ascetic for the nonce, 410 ; the king sends for him and nominates him ambassador to China ; the Chinese embassy which had visited Mahomed; the return presents, 411; his colleagues, 412 ; they start from Delhi; mishaps near Koel ; Kanauj, 413 ; Gwalior ; feats of the Jogis ; Daulatabad ; Cambay (note on route from Dehli to Cambay) ; Kawe, 414; Gandar; isle of Perim, 415; Gogo ; Sandabur (apparently Goa); Hunawar, and its Mahomedan Prince, 416; female education; Malabar; Calicut; Chinese shipping described; ports frequented by the Chinese junks, 418; mishaps attending the start of the embassy, and the traveller left behind, 419; proceeds to Kaulam, 420; goes back to the Mahomedan Prince of Hunawar, 421; expedition against Sandabur ; Ibn Batuta returns to _Calicut ; hears of the final wreck and dispersion of his slaves, etc., who had sailed from Calicut; returns a third time to Hunawar, and to Sandabur; finding his friends in difficulties, escapes, and returns to Calicut, 422; visits the Maldives, 422; is made Kazi, and marries four wives; his pious reforms; quarrels and leaves for Ceylon ; the Pagan chief Areya Chakravarti at Patlam ; he travels to Adam's Peak, 423 ; Kurunaigalla; the Peak; Dondera ; Galle ; Columbo ; sails for Maabar, and again comes to grief, 424; is received by the Sultan of Maabar, whose sister-in-law Ibn Batuta had married at Dehli; that good lady's commemoration by her husband ; the Sultan's cruelties ; his death ; Madura; the traveller's departure again for Kaulam, 425 ; sets off again for Hunawar; is robbed, and returns to Calicut ; re-visits the Maldives ; sails thence to Bengal, 426.

His voyage to China (see text following), 426 ; his return to Arabia, and journey thence by Persia, Irak, Syria (the Black Death), Egypt, Tunis, Sardinia, Algeria, to his native country; his professed joy in returning;

his laudations of the West, 427.