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0305 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
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infidelis diversarum nationum et specialiter Indiarum hoc modo." It seems to be of the second type.

  1.  BODLEIAN, Oxford. (Digby MSS., K. D., 166.) A small folio, considered to be of about the same date as No. 6. It contains several geometrical tracts, poems, The ITINERARY of ODoRIC, An Epistle of Satan to the Universal Church, etc., etc., ending with aRhythmica Defensio Uxorum Sacerdotalium. This copy seems to be nearly the same as the last, but I found both too cramp for effective comparison. There is a preface nearly the same as that just cited, but the postscript about the death of Odoric is omitted.

  2.  LIBRARY OF SIR T. PHILLIPPS at Middlehill. (1789, 650). A parchment MS. of the fourteenth century, containing the Itinerary of Odoric, preceded by Palladius Rutilius Taurus A milianus on Agriculture (see Haenel, Catalogi Libr. MSS. qui in Bibliothecis Gallice Helvetia Belgii, etc., asservantur, p. 859) .

  3.  BIBL. IMPÉRIALE, Paris. (Fonds Latin, No. 2584.) This is the MS. which I have printed in the Appendix to this collection. It is careful, and generally gives the proper names in a good form. It is the only one I know of that calls Odoric " I3oemus."

  4. BIBL. IMPÉRIALE, Paris. (Fonds Latin, No. 3195.) One or two passages in the transcript of the preceding, which was made for me, have been corrected from this copy. I believe it is one of what I have called the first type, after Henry of Glatz.

  5. UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, Strasburg. (A. vi, 7.) " Oderici Ord. Minorum Itinerarium, A. 1340" (see G. H. Pertz, Archiv der Gesellschaft fier ältere Deutsche Geschichtskunde, vol. viii, p. 461). .

  6. DITTO, DITTO. Another (paper) MS. of the fourteenth century. " Incipit peregrinacio Fr. Odorici de Ord. Minorurn. In nomine Patris," etc. (Ib. p. 466).

  7. BIBLIOTH. PUBLIQUE, Strasburg. A volume containing with Vita Romoaldi, Hist. de Alexandro Magno, and other matter, " Relatio Oderici de Terris ignotis" (see Haenel, as above, p. 462).

  8. PALATINE LIBRARY, Vienna. (Cold. Ascet,, No. dcxv.) This MS. contains a manifold collection. No. 23 is the Itinerary of Odoric (see Codd. MSS. Theolog. Tjiblioth. Palat. Vindobonensis, etc., by Michael Denis, vol. i, part ii, col. 2352).