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0278 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
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[Figure] Traditional Birthplace of Odoric.

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of the antiquity of the tradition. Even the room is pointed a in which the traveller and saint was born ! and the bed,

and ponderous expanse of timber, looked as if it also mighthe officiated at the auspicious event. The parish priest ssert asserted that the house had passed through only a second transferit

quitted the family of Mattiussi.

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Traditional Birthplace of Odoric.

The name Odorico is the same that occurs north of the Alps as Ulric, and it is found in various shapes besides, such as Udalric, Vodaric, etc. It would seem to have been common in this region of the world, for it turns up frequently in old Friulan lists, ' and was borne by Aquileian patriarchs and Carinthian dukes. And it is said to be still common about Pordenone, both as surname and Christian namé. Our friar, therefore, might come by it in many ways, but perhaps he got it actually from the patron saint of his parish church, for that is saint Udalric. One of the old Franciscan writers calls our traveller Ludovicas Odoricus,1 but it seems likely that this was a mistake.

The date of his birth is assigned to 1286, whilst the Patriarch Raymond della Torre was reigning in Friuli. In naming this date later writers appear to have followed Gabelli, who published

1 Bartholomew Albizzi of Pisa, in the work cited below, ed. Iiiediolan. 1510, f. cxxiiii.