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0047 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1 / Page 47 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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542; Chinese Turkestan, its characteristics, 543 ; history of that region in brief outline, 544. Bibliography of Goes's journey, 548.

The Journey.—From the work of Trigautius De Christianâ Expeditione apud Sinas." Book v. ch. xi, xii, xiii.

Chap. xi. How the Portuguese, Benedict Goës, a member of our Society, is sent to find out about Cathay.—Preliminary explanations as to the origin and object of the expedition, 549 ; Benedict's preparations in character of a merchant, 552 ; travels to Lahore ; his companions, 553 ; caravan to go to Kashgar, 553 ; reach Attok ; Peshawar, 554 ; account of Kafiristan ; trouble from robbers in the passes, 556 ; Kabul; assistance rendered by Goes to the mother of the King of Khotan ; two of Goes's companions abandon him, 557 ; sets out from Kabul ; Charekar; Parwan, 558 ; passes the Hindu Kush; Aingharan ; Calcia, 559 ; Talhan (Talikhan) ; Cheman(P) ; trouble with insurgents, 560 ; the straits of Badakhshan, 561 ; Serpanil (Panzer ?), 561 ; terrible mountain passes, 562 ; reaches Yarkand.

Chap. xII. The remainder of the journey to Cathay, and how it is ascertained to be all the same as the Chinese Empire.—Yarkand, 563 ; delay here, 564; nature of the trade with Cathay under pretext of embassies; pieces of jade the chief import ; account of this substance. The King of Yarkand, 565 ; he is supported by the Prince of Khotan, 566 ; re-appearance of Demetrius, one of his original companions, and the trouble he caused, 567; Goes makes a journey to Khotan ; annoyance from the Mullahs, 568 ; safe return of Benedict ; controversies, 569; the new Caravan chief invites Goes to accompany him to Cathay, 570 ; Demetrius draws back again; Goes prepares for the journey, and sets out, 571; journey to Aksii; visit to the young chief there, 572; Caracathai, 573; Kucha ; Cialis (Karashahr), 574 ; alarm, which proves unfounded; respect which Goes earned, 575; delays; meets merchants returning from Cathay, who tell him of the Jesuits at Peking, by which he learns that Cathay is China, 577; Goes's bold and dignified conduct, 578; sets out without waiting for the caravan; Pijan; Torfan ; Kamul ; enters the wall of China, 579 ; Sucheu ; the Tartars on the Chinese frontier and their forays; accident to Benedict on this last part of the journey, 580.

Chap. xIII. How our Brother Benedict died in the Chinese territory after the arrival of one of our members who had been sent from Peking to his assist-

ance.—The garrison towns of Kancheu and Sucheu, 581; the Mahomedans at Sucheu, and restrictions upon them, 582; the resort of the caravans of merchants professing to be ambassadors; particulars about this system.

Date of Goes's arrival at Sucheu, and prosperous state of his affairs,

583 ; hears further accounts of the Jesuits at Peking from Saracen traders,

584 ; writes to Matthew Ricci, but his letter miscarries; writes again a

letter, which is received after many months ; the Jesuits sent a Chinese Christian pupil, John Ferdinand, to his aid, 585 ; annoyance experienced

by Goes during detention at Sucheu ; arrival of the caravan, 586 ; John Ferdinand at last arrives, but finds Benedict on his death bed; his death eleven days later, 587 ; annoyance to his servant Isaac and John Ferdinand from the Mahomedans, who destroy Goes's journal.