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0339 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1 / Page 339 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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in prayer. And thus also Friar James came forth a second time without hurt as he had done before.

9. The same history continued.

And when the people saw this they shouted again with one consent : " 'Tis a sin ! 'Tis a sin to hurt them, for saints they be ! " And so there was a very great noise among the people. And on seeing this second miracle the Melic, i.e. the podesta of the city,' called to him Friar James, and made him put on his clothes, and said : " Go, brethren, with the grace of God, for ye shall suffer no harm at our hands. For we see well that ye are good and holy men ; and that your religion is good and holy and true, we see past question. But to provide the better for your safety we counsel you to quit this place as speedily as ye may ; for the Cadi will do his uttermost and spare no pains to take your lives."

While he was thus speaking it was about the hour of complines, and the whole people, idolaters and others, were standing about in a state of awe and astonishment, saying : " We have seen from these men things so great and marvellous, that we know not what law we ought to follow and keep." And as they thus spake, the Melic caused those three friars to be taken and conveyed away across a certain arm of the sea that was at a little distance from the city, and where there was a certain suburb,2 whither the man in whose house they had been lodged accompanied them, and so they found harbour in the house of a certain idolater.

" Lomelic, scilicet Potestas." The Kotwal. Ibn Batuta about this time tells us that the title Malik (King) was used by the Mahomedans of India, where the people of Egypt would use Amir. However, in Egypt in 1384, the Italian Frescobaldi tells us that the Governor of Alexandria was called Lamelech (Al Malik).

2 The narrative of Francis of Pisa, quoted in Wadding's Annals, says here : "ad oppidum situm ex aliû parte fluminis seu marini brachii quo civitas circumcingitur." These are touches from real knowledge. Tana stands on a river-like arm of the sea separating Salsette from the main, and now crossed by a railway bridge.