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0035 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1 / Page 35 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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against them ; rubies and pearls ; animals, 100; bird with two heads (Hornbill), and note.

  1. Of the Island called Dondin, and the evil manners there.—Island in the south called Dondin (Note on its identity), 100 ; filthy cannibalism of natives, 101; how they consult their soothsayers about sick relations, 102; and feast on them if they die ; Odoric remonstrates with them.

  2. A word in brief of India and the Isles thereof.—Many marvels of India, 103 ; vast number of its islands, and kings therein.

  3. Fr. Odoric cometh fo Upper India and the Province of Manzi, and discourseth of them.—Province of Manzi (South China, note), 103 ; vast number and size of cities, 104 ; crowded population ; and great abundance of all things ; diligence of people, 105 ; their aspect.

  4. Of the great city Censcalan.—'l'he first city reached is Censcalan (Sinkalan or Canton), 105 ; Note on it ; its position; vast amount of shipping, 106; great cheapness ; large geese; serpents used for food, 107.

  5. Concerning the noble city called Zayton ; and how the folk thereof regale their gods.—Zayton (Chincheu) and Franciscan houses there, 107; cheapness of sugar, etc., 108 ; great monasteries of pagans ; mode of feeding the idols, 109.

  6. The Friar telleth of the city Fuzo and its marvels ; also of rare fashions of fishing.—Great city of Fuzo (Fucheu), 109; great cocks ; and hens with wool, 110 ; crosses a great mountain ; peculiarities of the people ; coming to a city on a river sees strange fishing with certain waterfowl, 112; another way of fishing by diving, 113.

  7. Concerning the city of Cansay, which is the greatest city on earth.—The city of Cansay (Kingszé or Hangcheu), 113 ; note on it ; its vast compass and population; its bridges, 115; the amount of the house tax; paper money; vast supplies of food and wine.

  8. Of the marvellous sight that Fr. Odoric beheld in a certain monastery of the idolaters.—A noble convert entertains Odoric, 118 ; takes him to a certain pagan monastery, 119 ; where the monks feed a multitude of strange animals which they allege to be the souls of deceased gentlemen ; vastness of the city, 120.

  9. Of the city called Chilenfu, and of the great River Talay and of certain Pygmies.—City of Chilenfu (Nanking), 120; note on it; the greatest river on earth, called Talay (the Kiang), 121; the land of the Pygmies.

  10. Concerning the cities of Iamzai and of Menzu.—City of Iamzai (Yangcheu); Franciscans and Nestorians, 123; great revenue from salt; tavern dinners, 124 ; port of Menzu (Ningpo ?) and splendid vessels.

  11. Of the River Caramoran; and of certain other cities visited by Friar Odoric.—City of Lenzin (Linching), and R. Caramoran (Hoang-Ho), 125 ; Sunzumatu (Lintsincheu, or Thsiningeheu ?), 126; great longevity.

  12. The Friar reacheth Cambalech, and discourseth thereof ; and of the Great Khan's palace there.—Cambalech (Peking), 127; Tartar city of Taydo ; the Khan's palace, 128; park, artificial mount, lake, chase, etc. ; splendours of the palace, 130 ; great jar of jade ; mechanical peacocks of gold, 131.

  13. The friar setteth forth the state of the Khan's court.—The Khan and