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0045 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1 / Page 45 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Resumes his travels; Tangier, Gibraltar, and Andalusia; sets out for Central Africa, 428; Segelmessa; Taghaza; Malli; Timbuktu; Kaukau; Takadda; the Niger; is ordered home, and returns to Fez.

The Sultan orders his travels to be written, 429; the scribe, Ibn Juzai; how the latter characterises the traveller. Death of the latter.

First knowledge in Europe of Ibn Batuta's book; Seetzen; Kosegarten, 430; Apetz; Lee. Complete MSS. procured by the French in Algeria; Moura's Portuguese translation ; partial translations ; complete French translation of Defrémery and Sanguinetti, whence the ensuing extracts are translated, 431.

Interest of the book and character of Ibn Batuta as a traveller; different views ; confused geographical ideas, 432 ; and other instances of loose observation, 433 ; exaggerations; instances apparently of positive fiction, 435 ; mistakes in language, 436 ; chronological difficulties ; summing up in favour of general veracity and genuine character, 437; personal character, 438.

Note A. On the value of the Indian coins mentioned by Ibn Batuta, 439. Note B. On the places visited by Ibn Batuta between Cambay and Malabar, 443.

Note C. Remarks on sundry Passages in the Fourth Volume of Lassen s Indische Alterthumskunde, 445.

Note D. The Medieval Ports of Malabar, 450.


' Sails from the Maldives to Bengal, 457; that country characterised; its great cheapness ; Sadkawan (supp. Chittagong), 458 ; the King Fakhruddin, 459 ; his revolt and wars with the governor of Laknaoti (Gaur), 460 ; the traveller visits the country of Kamru (Silhet, vide note E) 461; the Shaik Jalaluddin ; his ascetic life and longevity ; his previsions, 462 ; his treatment of Ibn Batuta; story of the shaikh's goat's hair mantle and his predictions, 463; the city of Habank, 464; Sunurkawan (Sunarganw), 465; sails for Java (Sumatra), 466 ; Barahnagar (supposed coast near Negrais) ; dog-mouthed people ; Java (Sumatra), 467; city of Sumatra, 468 ; the King Al Zhahir ; departure for China ; Mal-Java (continent on Gulf of Siàm) ; Kakula, 469; Kamara (confusions connected with this name), 469; elephants ; aloes-wood ; self-immolation ; traveller's account of spices ; incense; camphor, 470; Indian aloes-wood, 471; the clove (his mis-statements), 472. The Calm Sea, 473; the kingdom of Tawalisi.; description of it; the Princess Urduja governing at Kailukari, 474; her hospitality ; her conversation with the traveller, 475 ; her present, 476 ; her warlike character; arrival in China, 477.

The Great River of China, 477 ; rich products of the country, 478 ; porcelain, and process of making ; Chinese poultry, 479 ; various characteristics of the people; silk, 480 ; customs of the merchants ; paper money, (note on the word balisht), 481; fossil coal, 482 ; Chinese skill in drawing and portraiture ; regulations in the ports, 483 ; forfeitures, 484 ; regulations respecting foreign traders ; travelling accommodations, 485.

City of Zayton (Chincheu) 486 ; damasks and satins ; great amount of