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0031 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1 / Page 31 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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  1. Topography of the Voyage from Arabia to China, in the first (or anonymous) part of the work.

  2. Particulars regarding China which it offers.

  3. The second part of the work, by Abu Zaid. His account of the Revolutions in China, and its corroboration by the Chinese annals.

  4. Additional particulars afforded by Abu Zaid.

  5. The Route -book of Ibn Khurdadbah. 83*. lllasudi's "Meadows of Gold."

  6. The Travels of Ibn Muhalhal.

  7. China as represented by Edrisi.

  8. Benjamin of Tudela.

  9. Abulfeda ; properly belongs to the Mongol era.


  1. Opening of China to the West. CATHAY.

  2. Origin of that name ; The Khitans.

  3. The Kin, or Golden Dynasty.

  4. Rise of Chinghiz. (Kccan, Khdlan, and Khan.) His conquests in China.

  5. Prosecution of the Conquest of China, under his successor, Okkodai.

  6. Western Conquests. Invasion of Europe.

  7. Conquest of Persia and the Khalifate. Division of the Mongol empire.

  8. Commencement of missions from Europe to the Mongol Sovereigns. Reasons why partiality to Christianity was expected from them. Effect of the Mongol conquests in levelling political barriers.

  9. First travellers to bring news to Europe of Cathay. Plano Carpini.

  10. What he says of Cathay.

  11. The journey of Rubruquis.

  12. What he tells of Cathay.

  13. The journeys of the Armenian Princes, Sempad and King Hayton.

  14. The Poli. Pauthier's edition of Marco Polo.

  15. Diplomatic intercourse between the Chinghizide Khans of Persia, and European Princes. Vast interfusion of nations, occasioned by the Mongol conquests.

  16. The work of Hayton, Prince of Gorigos.

  17. Catholic missions to Cathay, &c., John of Monte Corvino ; Andrew, Bishop of Zayton ; John de Cora ; Odoric of Pordenone ; Friar Jordanus ; John de' Marignolli.

  18. Frequency of commercial intercourse with India and Cathay in the fourteenth century.

  19. The commercial hand-book of Francis Balducci Pegolotti.

  20. The voyage of Ibn Batuta to China. The cessation of intercourse on the fall of the Mongols.


  1. Scanty glimpses of China in the century and a half succeeding the fall of the Mongols. Hearsay notices, by Clavijo and Schiltberger.