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0034 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1 / Page 34 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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  1. How Fr. Odoric took up the ke of the four friars   and carries them w th

wrought thereby.Friar Odoric   up the bones

him, 70; how the house is burnt, but he is saved by virtue of the re-

liques, 71.

  1. The same continued—At sea, going to Polumbum (Quilon) they can   ~J

have no fair wind till a bone of the friars is cast into the sea, 73 ; Note on

Polumbum or Colurnbum, 71-2.

  1. The same continued.—What happened at Zayton, in Upper India

(China) when the ship was searched, 73 ; miracles of healing, 74.

  1. Fr. Odoric is done with the four friars; and now he telleth of the kingdom of Minibar, and how pepper is got.—Minibar (Malabar) where the pepper grows in a forest, 74; Flandrina (Pandarani) and Cyncilim (Cran-

ganore), 75 ; Note on Cyncilim ; Jews and Christians of the country, 76 ; mode in which the pepper is got and dried, 77; city of Polumbum.

  1. Fr. Odoric discourseth of the manners of the Idolators of Polumbum.

  • Their nakedness, 78, and worship of the ox ; another bloody idol, 79 ; burning of widows ; vegetable wonders of this country ; strange customs, 80.

18. Concerning the kingdom of Mobar, where lieth the body of St. Thomas.

  • Kingdom of Mobar (Coromandel), 80; note on D7a'bar; church of St. Thomas, 81 ; the Nestorians ; great golden idol, and temple ; strange penances of the idolaters, 82.

19. Concerning other customs of the idolaters.—Lake into which offerings are cast, 82; sacrifice of the people under the chariot-wheels of the idol,

83 ; other religious suicides.

20. Concerning the country called Lamori, where the pole-star is hidden : and also of Sumoltra.—Crosses the ocean to Lamori (Lambri in Sumatra),

84 ; nakedness and community of wives, 85 ; cannibalism ; kingdom of Sumoltra (Sumatra, on N.E. of the island), 86; tattooing ; Resengo (Rej ang), 87.

21. The friar speaketh of the excellent island called Java.—Great island, and its king, 87; spices, 88; note on Odoric's account of Java, 87; on the

spice called melegheta, 88 ; palace of the king, 89 ; his wars with Khan of

Cathay.   .

22. Of the land called Thalamasyn, and of the trees that give flour, and

other marvels.—Panten, or Thalamasyn (note as to this place), 90; deadly

poison used there, 91; blowing tubes for arrows ; trees producing flour

(sago) ; sea called the Dead Sea, 92; great canes, 93 ; and stones found in

them that render people invulnerable ; pirates, 94 ; uses of the canes.

23' How the King of Zampa keepeth many elephants and many wtves.-

Kingdom of Zampa (Champa or Southern Cochin China), 95; the king's

large family ; his numerous elephants; wonderful shoals of fish, 96; vast tortoises ; burning of widows, 97.

  1. Of the Island of Nicoveran, where the men have dog's faces.—Island

of Nicoveran (Nicobar), 97 ; customs of the people ; eat their prisoners if not ransomed, 98; the king and his great jewels.

  1. Concerning the Island of Sillan, and the marvels thereof.—Great Island of Sillan (Ceylon), 98; Great mountain on which Adam mourned; beautiful lake ; precious stones in it, 99 ; and formidable leeches ; remedy






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