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0042 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1 / Page 42 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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date of Marignolli's death not known, 334 ; the MS. used by Dobner ; another in St. Mark's library.

The Extracts from Marignolli.

Division of the work (Chronicle of Bohemia). The mention of Eden launches him on his recollections, 335; appointed by Pope Benedict to go to the Kaam of the Tartars. Departure from Avignon, 336 ; digression about the Alans, and :their zeal for the Pope ; Friar John Montecorvino ; arrives at Constantinople, and holds controversies with the Patriarch, 337 ; Caffa; Usbec, first Emperor of the Tartars ; his hopitality, 338; travels to Armalec ; proceedings of the mission there, and notice of a recent martyrdom of six friars and a layman. Departure from Armalec ; the Cyollos Kagon, or sand hills, 339; the Torrid Zone (desert of Gobi) ; arrival at Cambalec, and good reception from the Kaam (the great horse presented to him), 340; liberal provision for the mission for nearly four years ; glorious disputations and conversions, 341. The Franciscan establishments at Cambalec; the Emperor's wish for a bishop ; departure from the capital through Manzi (S. China), 542; (chronology of the journey) ; sail for India, and arrive at Columbum (Quilon). Pepper harvest, 343 ; privileges of the St. Thomas Christians, and perquisites of the traveller as legate ; the Latin Church of St. George, 344 ; the legate erects a pillar in imitation of K. Alexander (note on Alexander's columns) ; leaves Malabar, 345 ; visits the Queen of Saba, and then Seyllan (Ceylon), 346.

Chapter concerning Paradise.—What Paradise is, 346 ; the four rivers (and note) ; Gyon (the Nile), 348 ; and how the Sultan pays St. Matthew's

christians to keep it open (note) ; Phison, the same as Caramoran (Hoang-

Ho), 349 ; vast cities on its banks, and floating population, 350 ; Tygris,

351 ; ruins of Nineveh ; Mesopotamia, Assyria, Edessa ; Euphrates ;

Aleppo ; French of Cyprus, 352.

Chapter concerning the trees of Paradise, 352.

Chapter on the transgression of our first parents.—Observations on Ser-

pents, 353 ; " coats of skins," a wrong reading, 353 ; fibre cloth of the

coco-palm ; how Adam was set down in Ceylon, and left his footmark ;

re-union with Eve.

Narrative concerning the mountain Seyllan.—How the author got there, 354 ; the overland road from Cambalec shut up ; passage through Manzi ; its great population ; the famous city of Campsay (Hangcheu) ; Zayton (Chincheu), 355 ; Franciscan churches there, and fondaco (note) ; bells in the churches. Quits Zayton, 356; Columbum; sails for the shrine of St.

Thomas ; violent storm ; brought into port at Pervilis (Barberyn) in   1

Ceylon, 357; plundered there by a Saracen chief; the high mountain of   1

Ceylon (Adam's Peak) not Paradise, 358 ; a glorious spectacle ; relics of

Adam; the native monks, 359,   r vi

matters contrary to Scripture, 360and ; habitsthei   ews of the deluge, and other

of those monks ; the fountain

of Paradise.

Concerning Adam's garden and the fruits thereof—The plantain described, 361; the crucifix seen on a section of the fruit ; the nargil (or coconut), 362 ; and its uses; amburan (the mango) ; chake-baruhe (the jack); no vines

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