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0046 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1 / Page 46 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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shipping ; meets the envoys who had been in India, 487 ; is lodged by the government, and visited by the Mahomedans ; sets out on a visit to Sinkalan (Canton), 488 ; description of that city; immense hospitality of the Mahomedan settlers, 489 ; the Rampart of Gog and Magog, 490 ; aged and singular recluse near Canton; his reception of Ibn Batuta; mysterious disappearance, 491; strange stories related of this personage and his mesmeric influence, 492; his peculiar habits. Return to Zayton, 493; sets out for the capital ; Kanj anfu ; his grand reception ; singular encounter with a countryman from Ceuta, 494 ; continues his journey, 495 ; Bawam Kutlu ; Khansa (Hangcheu), 496 ; the greatest city on earth ; reception; description of the city, 497; the Amir Kurtai, the Viceroy, 498; he gives an entertainment, 499; festival on the water, and songs that were sung; strange exhibition of juggling ; further particulars of the city, 501; lacker dishes, 502 ; sets out from Khansa and enters CATHAY, 503. Its great culture and population ; arrives at Khanbalik ; the Shaikh Burhanuddin, 504; the Ian ; palace described (from imagination it would seem), 505; revolution in progress in Cathay, 506; the K6n slain (a fiction), 507; great preparations for his funeral, 507 ; extraordinary ceremonial, 508. Similar rites in Negroland, 509.

The traveller advised to depart, 510 ; returns to Zayton ; sails for Sumatra ; great storm and darkness ; appearance of the rukh, 511; reaches Sumatra; marriage ceremonies of the king's son, 512; departs loaded with presents, 513 ; arrives at Kaulam ; customs of the Ramazan there ; Calicut; embarks for Arabia and reaches Zhafar). (Note on the chronological difficulties of this expedition to China).

Note E. On the Kamru of Ibn Batuta (the residence of the Shaikh Jalaluddin), the Blue River, and the city of Habank,.515.

Note F, On the Mal-Java of Ibn Batuta, 518.

Note G. On the Tawalisi of Ibn Batuta, 620.

Note H. Regarding the history of the Khans of Chagatai, 522.



Introductory Notice.

Changes since the time of Ibn Batuta, 529; identity of Cathay with China recognised by the Jesuits in the latter country, not by those in India, 530; expedition to rediscover Cathay projected and Goes chosen

for it.

Early history of Goes, 531 ; a lay-brother of the Jesuits ; he is sent to the court of Akbar ; circumstance which put it in the head of Jerome Xavier, the head of the mission, to explore Cathay, 532 ; sanction is received from Europe, and Goes prepares for the journey, 535 ; his death after accomplishing it at Sucheu, 536. Mode in which the narrative was compiled; miserably meagre in consequence; perplexities about the chronology, 537 ; what may have led to some of the errors, 538.

Chief difficulties in tracing the traveller about the Hindu Rush and Badakhshan ; passage of the former, 540 ; Badakhshan, its history and decay from former prosperity, 541; the pass over the Bolor and Pamer,