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0246 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1 / Page 246 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Bassora . Taiwust .

Serans or Seam Ussn

Creman . I. of Chis . I. of Ormis Hormisium Nocran . Chesimo . Darn on ela Semenat . Goga


Canbetum Cocintaya .


Chintabor Nandor (Nanaor ?) Pescanor . Manganor Elly Columbo . Carocam . Setemelti . Mirapor . Butifilis .



  •  Wasit ? called Madinata Whsit, (" The Two Cities Wasit," see Edrisi, i, 367.)

Coast of Persia and India.

Siraf ? But the Medicco has Sustar, i.e., Shustar. Husn Amârat ? (see Edri., i, 379). Any castle is Husn.


  •  Kish,.


Old Hormuz on the Continent.


Medicco has Chechi.

  •  Daibul.

  •  Somnath.

  •  Gogo.



Ned. has Cocintaya : the Kokan-Tana of Ibn

Batuta (iii, 335) ;1 the city of Tana (see p. 57),

capital of Konkan.

Faknur of Ibn Batuta (see p. 415); Bakanur, but

out of place a little.

Sand&bür, Goa (see p. 444).

Honore? Med. has Niandor.

Perhaps Barçelor.


Hili (see p. 451).

Kaulam, but on the wrong side of the Peninsula.

Karikal ?

Seven Pagodas ? (see p. lxxvi).

Mailapûr; Madras.

Mutfili of Polo (see p. 221) ; but by a misunder-

standing the author puts St. Thomas's tomb here.

(See p. 465).

Bijder Diogil Jaleym DILLI.

Interior of India.

  •  Bidr.

  •  Deogiri or Daulatabad.

  •  Jcilna ?

I Where Elliot, quoting Rashid, has " Guzerat, which is a great country, in which are Cambay, Smmnâth, Sonkan, Tana, and several other towns and cities ;" and again : "Beyond Guzerat are Konkan and Tana," probably the original will be found to read as here, Konkan-Tana"

(p. 42; I quote an extract in Pauthier's Polo, p. 663, not having the passage in my own notes).