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0469 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1 / Page 469 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Page 34. A star of great size, etc., called Canopus. Baber, on describing his first invasion of Cabul, and his passage of the Indian Caucasus, says : " Till this time, I had never seen the star Soheil (Canopus) ; but on reaching the top of a hill, Soheil appeared below, bright to the south. I said, ` This cannot be Soheil !' They answered, ` It is, indeed, Solieil !' Baki Cheghaniani recited the following verses :

0 Soheil ! how far dost thou shine, and where dost thou rise ? Thine eye is an omen of good fortune to him on whom it falls !' "

Baber, p. 133.

Page 37. Even the Devil, too, speaketh to men, etc. " This, for certain, I can affirm, that oftentimes the Devil doth cry with an audible voice in the night : 'tis very shrill, almost like the barking of a dog. This I have often heard myself, but never heard that he did anybody any harm" (Robert Knox's Hist. Rel. of the Island of Ceylon, p. 78 ; see also Campbell's Excursions, etc., i, 311).

Page 40. Note. On Fandaraina and Singuyli, see note to Odoric (p. 75).

Page 45. Fifty-two kings under the Lord of Ethiopia. On the numerous tributaries ascribed to the " Emperor of Ethiopia," i. e., the King of Abyssinia, sometimes one hundred and twenty (as in Fra Mauro), sometimes sixty, sometimes fifty, sometimes forty, see Luclol f, book ii, c. xviii, § 1, and suppt., p. 15.

Page 53. Moorish Sea. Read Black Sea (Mare Maurum), and see note near beginning of Odoric.

Page 54. Dua, Caycla, Capac, and Elchigaday. Both Kaidu and Dua reigned in the Turquestan or Chagatai division of the Mongol dominions in the latter part of the thirteenth and beginning of the fourteenth centuries. Kaidu long disputed with Kublai the supreme Khanate, whilst Dua was the inheritor of the special Khanate of Chagatai. Capac, the Guébek of D'Ohsson or Kapak of others was the fourth Khan from Dua, dying in 1321, and succeeded by Ilchikdai, the Elchigaday of our author.

Page 56. A very noble Genoese, by name Martin Zachary, etc. The story of this worthy, and how the Emperor (Andronicus Senior) got Chios from him, and took him prisoner, may be read

in Nicephorus Gregoras, ix, 9, vi, and in Joaunes Cantacuzenus, ii,