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0315 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
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as from the Latin copies, are brought forward in the notes to this version. In printing it, what seemed mere vulgarisms of spelling, such as renyno for regno, pripristeli for pipistrelli, have not been followed.

In the comparison of the Latin copies a word by word collation has been out of the question, but it has been intended to record all important variations of proper names, all important variations of sense, and such variations 'of mere expression as there seemed any sufficient reason for noting.

The subdivision of the narrative into chapters is in all the MSS. very various, irregular and capricious. I have made a new division, assigning short headings in my translation, and for reasons of obvious convenience have extended this also to the Latin and Italian texts. It is to be understood, therefore, that the marginal headings of chapters in these are interpolations, and no part of the originals. •

It remains only to add a statement of the copies, printed or MSS., which have been used in these collations, with the abbreviations by which they are respectively referred to in the notes.

Indication of Copy.

No. in List at
p. 29 seq.


Paris Latin MS. No. 2584

Bibl. Imp.   •   No. 9.   (The Printed Text.)

Venice Latin MS. formerly

   in FARSETTI Collection .   No. 26.   FAR.
British Museum Latin MS.

   in Arundel Collection .   No. 2.   Mus.

   Paris Latin MS. No. 3195 .   No. 10.   PAR. 2 (only one or two

collations from this).

Venice Italian MS. St.

Mark's   . Ital. No. 1. MAR.
Florence Italian M• S. in

Palatine Library   Ital. No. 4. PAL.

Hakluyt's printed Latin

Text   .   HAK.

   Venni's printe▪ d Latin• Text   .   .   VEN.

Venni's printed collation

of Udine MS.   .   .   .   .   UT.
Ramusio's Italian version

(the Longer)   .   RAM.

   Ditto ditto (the Lesser)   •   MIN. RAM.