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0033 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
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Biographical and Introductory Notices.—His native country, FRIULI, 1; his family and birthplace, 3 ; his name, 4 ; probable date of birth ; contemporary notices, 5; early history, 6 ; course of his travels ; alleged missionary labours, 7; and miracles, 8; his return home and death, 8, 9; excitement at his funeral, 10 ; alleged posthumous miracles, 11 ; beatification, 12 ; monument, 13 ; reliques and portraits, 15, 16; writings ascribed to him, 17; character as a traveller, 18; marks of genuineness of his travels, 20; varieties in the MSS., and classification of them, 21; chief difficulties in his narrative, 25 ; Mandeville's thefts from him, 27; list of known MSS., Latin, 29; Italian, 33; French, 34; bibliography, 35; text of the translation, how determined, 39 ; indication of references to MSS. and editions, 41.

The Travels.-1. What the Friar saw at Trebizond, and in the Greater Armenia.—Prefatory remarks, 43 ; Trebizond, 44 ; story of tame partridges; Zigana, 45 ; St. Athanasius ; Arziron (Erzrum), 46 ; Sarbisacalo and Ararat, 47.

  1. Concerning the city of Tauris and the city of Soldania, where dwelleth the Persian Emperor.—Tauris, 47; the Arbor Secco ; salt mountain, 49; Soldania ; the sea of Bacuc (Caspian), 50.

  2. Concerning the city of the Magi ; also of the Sea of Sand, and of the land of Huz.—Cassan (Kashan), the city of the Magi, 50; Iest (Yezd), 51; the Sea of Sand; Comerum and great ruins (Persepolis); Huz (Haza or Adiabene), 53.

  3. Fr. Odoric treateth of the manners of the people of Chaldcea; of India within Land; and of Ormes.—Kingdom of Chalda (Baghdad), 54; Tower of Babel; dress and degradation of the women; inland India (Lower Euphrates), 55; dates; city of Ormes (Hormuz), 56; death wake.

  4. Of ships that have no iron in their frame; and in such a one Fr. Odoric passeth to Tana in India.—Stitched vessels, 57; Tana, a city of King Porus; the Emp. of Dilli (Dehli), 58; animals; marriage customs, 59; disposal of the dead.

  5. History of the Martyrdom of the four friars in the city of Tana.—Taken to Tana against their will, 60; three of them brought before the Cadi and questioned of their faith; Thomas of Tolentino, 61.

  6. The same continued.—They are bound in the midday sun, 62; and threatened with the stake, 63.

  7. The same history continued.—Friar James, of Padua, is cast into the fire, 63; but wonderfully preserved, 64; the same happens a second time.

  8. The same history continued.—The Melic, or governor, dismisses the Friars, 65 ; but the Cadi persuades him to send executioners after them, 66.

  9. The same history continued.—The Cadi sends four men, who put them to death in the night, 67; signs and wonders.

  10. The same continued.—The fourth friar, Peter of Siena, is tortured and slain, 68 ; • the date of this martyrdom ; the Melic's remorse, 69.

  11. The same history continued.—The Emperor of Delhi sends for the M elic and puts him to death, 69 ; burial of the martyrs, 70.