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0032 Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1
Cathay and the Way Thither : vol.1 / Page 32 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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  1. Travels of Nicolo Conti; he probably visited China.

  2. Use made of Conti's information by the Cosmographers. Era

Mauro ; the Palatine Cosmographia.

  1. Notice by Poggio of a Christian Envoy from the borders of Cathay to Pope Eugenius IV. Toscanelli's notice of the same.

  2. Notices collected by Jehosaphat Barbaro.

  3. Mission sent by Shah Rukh, the son of Timur, to Peking.

  4. Cathay sought by Columbus.

  5. First visit of the Portuguese ships to China.

  6. Cathay still supposed to hold an independent position. Northern voyages in search of route to Cathay. The journey of Anthony Jenkinson.

  7. Narratives of Asiatic travel to Cathay in the sixteenth century, preserved by Ramusio and Busbeck.

  8. The journey of Benedict Gods in search of Cathay finally establishes its identity with China, and closes our subject.

Supplementary Notes.

  1.  Extracts from the PERIPLUS OF THE ERYTHREAN SEA.

  2. Extracts from the Geography of PTOLEMY.

  3. Extracts from POMPONIUS MELA De Situ Orbis.

  4. Extracts from the Natural History of PLINY.

  5.  Extracts from the Itinerary of Greece of PAUSANIAS.

  6. Extracts from the History of AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS.

  7. Extracts regarding the introduction of the silkworm into the Roman Empire.

  8. Extracts regarding intercourse between the Turkish Khans and the Byzantine Emperors, from MENANDER.

  9. Extracts from the Christian Topography of COSMAS, THE MONK.

  10.  The discovery of the Syro-Chinese Christian monument of Singanfu (from ALVAREZ SEMEDO, and a Chinese author).

  11. The kingdoms of India in. the ninth century, as spoken of by the Arab Compilers in the Anciennes Relations, etc.

  12. Abstract of the travels of IEN MUHALHAL.

  13. Extracts regarding China, from the Geography of ABULFEDA.

  14. Extracts from the History of HAYTON, the Armenian.

  15. Extracts from a letter of PAOLO DAL Pozzo TOSCANELLI.

xvl. Extracts regarding Cathay, from the narrative of SIGNOR JOSAFA BARBARO.

  1. Notes on the narrative of Shah Rukh's mission to China.

  2. HAJJI MAHOMED'S account of Cathay, as delivered to RAMUSio.

  3.  Account of Cathay, by a Turkish Dervish, as related to AUGER GISLEN DE BUSBECK.

  4.  Note on the maps in this volume.

  5.  Explanation of some abbreviated references used in the book. xxll. Errors and omissions noted.

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