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0063 Notes on Marco Polo : vol.1
Notes on Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 63 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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31. ARGON'   47

modern Erzingan or Erzinjan, written « Arsengan » by Simon de Saint-Quentin (in Vincent de Beauvais xxxi, 146), « Arsengen » by Rubrouck (Wy, 327), « Arzinga » by Pegolotti, « Arzegan »

by Fra Mauro («Arzegâ»; not «Arzengan» as in HALLBERG, 48-49),   Arzinjan by Rasidu-'d-
Din (Bl, n, 549); cf. also GoLUBOVICH, Bibl. bio-bibi., n, 544; and the articles in EI, «Erzindjân », by R. HARTMANN, and in LS, 118.


agiron P5 agyron P

architen VL, S

arciron LT argion V

argiron F, VB, V, VA, L, R

arsion FA arsus FB

arziron TA', TAS

The modern Erzerum, on which cf. EI, notice by R. HARTMANN, and LS, 147-148. The name is written « Arseron » by Simon de Saint-Quentin (in Vincent de Beauvais, xxxi, 147) ; «Aarserum» by Rubrouck (icy, 321); « Arceron » or «Arziron» by Odoric (Wy, 415); « Arseron » by Hethum (Hist. des Crois., Arm., II, 156, 291); «Arzerone» in Pegolotti; « Arzerum» or «Erzerum» on the Genoese Map (HALLBERG, 1-2). For other forms in the 14th cent., «Arzerono », «Aizaron», « Arzeroni » (read « Arzerom » ?), « Orzaloni» (read « Orzalom » ?), «Elzerom», «Larzeron», cf. GOLUBOVICH, Bibl. bio-bibi., ii, 544-545.

As to Polo's form, -on may be a wrong rendering of -ô = -om, as in the case of «Caracorom ». On the other hand, the -gi- of F, -si- of FA, -zi- of TA, point to a possible original -çi-, as in the case of « Arçingan ».

  1. ARGON'

amon V

arago, aragon, ragon VB archon TA'

argan Ft

argho, arghon TA', TAS argo F, Ft

argom, ragona VA

argon F, Fr, t, FA, FB, L, LT, P, P5, V, VA, VB, VL, Z; R argun Z

Mong. Aryun, written 3 jl Aryun in Persian; the name is fairly common, and I think it is taken from the tribal (or social) designation of the Aryun people (see «Argon»). It is always spelt with -o- (« Argon ») in Western documents (cf. CHABOT, Hist. de Mar Jabalaha III, 190, 200, 203, 214, 229, etc.) and in Hethum (Hist. des Crois., Arm., II, 188). In Chinese, PI gc

A-lu ( YS,107, 7b), I   ,   A-êrh-hun ( YS, 14, 5a), pi ,s   A-lu-hun (YS, 134, 3b), all = Aryun
(the first one, incomplete, is certainly a mistake).