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0114 Notes on Marco Polo : vol.1
Notes on Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 114 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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98   74. BOLGANA


balchana VA balgana F, L balgaria, balgaris P balgonia VL

bolcara FA bolgana R bolgara F, FA, FB, LT, VB bolgaria LT

bolghara TA ', TA 3 bulgara VB

bulgera, burgara V

The final a is in all mss.; but most mss. confound the name with that of «Boigara» (q. v.), and the possibility should not be excluded that Polo really used « *Bolgan », which was soon contaminated by «Boigara ». Anyhow, the name is certainly Mong. Buluyan, «sable» (not «ermine» as in BLOCHET, Moufazzal, 600), but pronounced with the second vowel unaccented

and slurred. The Persian transcriptions   , sometimes ßl.1 (cf. BROWNE, Hist. of Pers. lit., III,
25-26), can be read Bul;'an (Bulqan) as well as Buluyan; but Wassâf (Ha 2, 249) writes j1q1> Buiu} an, and so occasionally does Rasidu-'d-Din; cf. also QUATREMÉRE, Hist. des Mongols, 95; VULLERS, I, 259. The Chinese transcription of the name (for princesses other than the one here mentioned) is (... ? Pu-lu-han, «Buluyan» (for instance for the Bayaut, Buluyan, Empress of Tämür Üljäitü, YS, 106, 2 b). The Turkish word for « sable », Az, is listed as a woman's name by Kasyari in 1076 (BROCKELMANN, 241).

Buluyan was the daughter of Kökä (?), Secretary of State to Hülägü, and belonged to the tribe of the Bayaut (cf. Ber, I, 177 ; Ha' constantly mixed her up with another Buluyan, and wrongly says :hat she was a Qonyrat; HAMMER'S error is repeated in HOWORTH, III, passim; cf. also BLOCHET, Sultans Mamlouks, 599). After being Abaya's wife, Buluyan was taken over by Aryun, and died on April 7, 1286 (Hal, I, 374). See « Cocacin ».

HAMMER'S indications on the three Buluyan who married ilkhans are so contradictory that it may be of some use to state the facts here briefly : 1. The first Buluyan, Abaya's and Aryun's wife, was a Bayaut. 2. The second Buluyan, taken successively by Aryun, Gäihâtu and Ghazan, was a Qonyrat. 3. The third Buluyan, the one who was called Horasani, and married to Ghazan, was a Tatar. On the three Buluyan, cf. also BLOCHET, Moufazzal, 599-600, but the restorations of the names of the parents are open to serious doubt.


balgara VA

bolgara F, FA, FB, L; R bolghara TA 3

bulgara 0 bulgaria VL

buorgara, burgara V burgala LT

The Oriental form is Buiyàr; cf. EI, s. v. «Buighâr », by BARTHOLD ; add BROCKELMANN, Ka yari, 242; J. NÉMETH, Magna Hungaria; Mi, 319, 438-439, and Index, p. 488; FERRAND, in JA, 1925, II, 117, 269-270; Y, I, 6-8.