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0079 Notes on Marco Polo : vol.1
Notes on Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 79 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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47. BADASCIAN   63


bacsi F, Z, V, L   bachsi R

Bagsi, bahsi, first met in Uighur texts, passing afterwards into Mongolian, found its way,

during the Mongol period, into Persian    bahsi (for instance Bl, II, 405), when it also occurs
occasionally in Chinese texts (pa-ha[,`]-shih, translated by pji shih, «master», « teacher »); it is even known in Tibetan (Sarat CHANDRA DAs, 177). Although originally an epithet mainly used in reference to Buddhist priests, it is applied in modern Turkish dialects of Central Asia to all sorts of masters, from musicians to quacks and sorcerers, and always with a necromantic implication (cf. SHAW, Vocabulary, 40; RADLOV, IV, 1445-1446). This amply justifies Polo's use of the word. It has long been accepted that bagsi was derived from Skr. bhiksu, « Buddhist monk» (cf. YULE, Hobson-Jobson 2, s. v. «Buxee»), which is hardly satisfactory from the point of view of phonetics. It is more probable that it was borrowed at an early date from Ch. j ± po-shih (*pdk-dz'i), «man of great learning»; cf. LAUFER, in TP, 1916, 485-487 (the additional note of p. 552 must be suppressed; the term quoted there from the Yu yang tsa-tsu has nothing to do with bagsi), and my remarks in JA, 1925, i, 254; TP, 1930, 14-15.


badaciam, balaciam, balaciem FA

badasciam, badausiam, bala- sian F

badascian F, Ft

badasian F, Fr, FB

badassan, baddasan, balasan, balassa, baldasan balda- siam, ballassan VB

balacia P

balacian FA, FAr, FB

balascam, balausciam, baudascia TA"

balascha, bandasciam, ban- dascian TA3

balascia LT, P, V (cor.) balasciam, bandascam, ban- dascham LT

balascian F, Ft, L, Z

balasia, balastia, balaxia, bal- daxia, ballastia VA balasiam Fr

balassia, ballasia, ballassia


balatian FBr

balaxan, balaxiam R

balaxian Z

baldasciam F, TA3

baldasian, balesian, balsian,

belesian, belestian, sobasainV

baldasya G

ballaschan Lr

ballascian L

balais FA   balasi V, VA, Z   ballascii L

balaiz FB   balassi V, Z; R   pallazi VA

balasci F, LT, TA'   balasti G

The best mss. give both « Badascian » and « Badascian » (with an occasional « Baldasciam » in F, and « Baldascia » and « Baudascia » in TA, reflected in the « Baldasia » of the Catalan Map ; cf. HALLBERG, 61-62; add « Balasian » in Fra Mauro). Both forms are theoretically possible (cf. Y, t,