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0062 Notes on Marco Polo : vol.1
Notes on Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 62 (Color Image)

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46   28. ARÇIÇI

more satisfactory. The ancient French had a word antain, « aunt » (cf. GODEFROY, S. V. « antain »; TOBLER-LOMMATSCH, Altfranz. Wörterbuch, I, S. V. « ante »; W. VON WARTBURG, Franz. Etym. Wörterbuch, s. v. « amita »). The actual form antaine is not listed by GODEFROY or TOBLERLOMMATSCH, but two examples of it are given in LACURNE DE SAINTE-PALAYE, as for instance the following taken from Contin. de G. de Tyr, in MARTINE, Ampl. Coll. 626 : « Henri of it fame I'antaine le roi Guillaume de Secile, soror son pere ». It seems just possible that a araines » is corrupt for *dtaines = antains.

darsisi FA darzirim P darziz R darzizi FB

28. ARçIÇI

agrazi VB arcieri VA arciri VL arçici LT

arzici TA 1, TA 9 arzizi V barzirim P b darçiçi F, L

u ~;I ArJi , on the north-eastern side of the Lake of Van. RR, 412, and B 1, 412, have adopted « Arzizi », as YULE had done before them; but I do not think there was any z in the original Polo-Rustichello spellings. Judging only from the Pollan mss., I prefer « Arçiçi ». But in Polo I appears generally as -sc-, and a final mute -e occurs in « Abasce » and « Chescemir ». The confusion of c and g is very common; we find a Argis » on the Catalan Map (HALLBERG, 43-44). The original form may have been *Argisce.

On Arji , see REINAUD, Géogr. d'Aboulféda, II, II, 148; EI, « Ardjish », notice by STRECK; LS, 183; Mi, 395.

ArJig, Greek "Apa oo , old Armen. Ar6é6, was destroyed by the Georgians in 1209. Owing to the expansion of the lake, the ruins have been surrounded by water since the middle of the last century.


aranga, atechaze V   arcingan R   arsinga FB

archinia VL, S   arçinoga LT   artinga VA

arçinga F, L   areuicha VL   arzinga P, P5, VB

arcinga Z   armenia S   arzingha TA', TA3

arçingal F   arsenga, arsingua FA

The final -n is only given by RAMUSIO, but F has « Arçinga » and « Arçingai », and Polo's original spelling must have been either a Arçingâ » or a Arçingan ». The place is of course the