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0081 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 81 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)


[Figure] 13 Coffin 5 B. A) from above, lid removed. B) side view, lid in place. C) end view.

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were left of the lid, the ox-hide cover was gone, and sand now filled the coffin, with its mixed-up human bones. Of the dress remained a piece of a yellow woollen mantle and parts of a loin-cloth in tapestry weave, yellow with a brown pattern forming steps, Pl. 13 : 4, and with fringes along the lower edge. The pattern is of special interest owing to its conformity with the decorations of so many baskets, denoting that it may have been woven locally ; the tapestry technique is, however, of Western origin.

There were also a few fragments of wooden pegs with small incised triangles ' filled with red colour, one of them probably a comb tooth, some Ephedra twigs and the lower jaw of a vulture. Mr. G. BEXELL has been kind enough to determine the jaw as belonging to the species Gypäëtus barbatus.

Coffin, 5. C.

Situated very close to the previous one but 3o cm. higher. Near the eastern end of the coffin there was a small polyhedric and red-painted pole wound spirally with a string of camel's wool.

Only the east end-board and the northern long side were intact of the coffin, which was of exactly the same type as the one at its side. It measured 1.96 m. in length, and was entirely filled with somewhat moist sand.

The only object left in the coffin was the lower part of one of these mysterious wooden objects depicted in Pl. 7: 2-7 ; round it a brown woollen string was wound.

Coffin 5. D.

On the eastern side of the big palisade and very close to it we came across a coffin lying in N 5 5 ° WS 55°E. The south-eastern end-board and two lid members at the same end were wanting, this end being near the surface, whereas the other end was covered with 0.9 m. of sand and lying 1.5 m. lower than the coffin


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Fig. 13. Coffin 5 B. A) from above, lid removed. B) side view, lid in place. C) end view.