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0134 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 134 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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6. B: 9.   Fragm. of embossed bronze plate : two 6. C: 3.   Fragm. of silk taffeta, white, with

petals of a rosette with raised border   marks of stains from red fabric. One

and a raised inner line, denoting a second layer of   selvage.

petals? Dress ornament. Pl. 15: I.

6. C: 4.   Sleeve, very wide, of undyed silk taf-

6. B: 1o.   Fragm. of iron knife with bone handle,   feta with adjoining piece of the bodice.
made of a rib. The handle 96X16 mm. The sleeve is composed of several different pieces

Pl. 16: 3.   joined together, fragmentary. Full w. of fabric

6. B: I I.   Arrow of light wood, of nearly uni- 46 cm.

form thickness. Deep notch at the base 6. C: 5-6. Two strips of red silk taffeta. to receive bow-string. The top splintered, contain-

ing the remains of the iron tang of the arrow- 6. C: 7.   Various remnants of undyed silk taf-

point. L. 56 cm. Pl. 18:11.   feta, partly with adjoining red silk.

6. B: 12.   Oblong wooden object. At each end 6. C: 8.   Small piece of cotton fabric in tabby

a broader and flatter part. Narrow   weave.
and high in the middle. Much weathered. L. about

4o cm.   6. C: 9.   Small piece of woollen fabric in plain

  1.  13.   Bunch of dark-brown human hair.


6. C: 1o.   Ribbon of brownish red silk taffeta.

Grave 6 C.   6. C: II.   Three fragm. of brown silk taffeta.

  1.  I.   Lower edge of a skirt (?) similar to Hut (?) near to the N of grave 6 B.
    6. A: 3, of undyed silk-rep with frill

of silk taffeta, consisting of a part, 6 cm. wide, 6. D: 1.   Semicircular wooden cup or dipper

with vertical pleats. Below this are five strips,   with remains of a ring-shaped handle.

8-9 mm. wide, of silks in the following colours: Coarsely made out of one piece. The bottom some-natural, prune, natural, brown and red. At the what flattened. Diam. about 8 cm. H. 5 cm. bottom a band of undyed silk taffeta, 5 cm. wide.

Small remnants of hammered gold here and there 6. D: 2-3. Two wooden cups of the same kind

on the garment.   as -: I but more damaged. Diam.

6. C: 2.   Fragm. of skirt lining (?) of coarse   about 8 and 8.5 cm.

fabric in tabby weave, probably of 6. D:4.    One half of a wooden cup of the same

hemp. At the top a folded edge gathered with   kind as -: 1-3. Diam. about 9.5 cm.

rough thread of hemp or grass.   H. about 5 cm.


On the western side of The Small River 8 km. WNW from Burial place 5 and 7 km. NNW of Burial place 6 there is a totally destroyed burial place that I have called No. 4 because it was really found previous to No. 5, though it is better mentioned here, after the smaller cemeteries 6 and 7.

Surrounded by tamarisk cones with dead vegetation were four or six destroyed coffins lying on the ground. The wood was much weathered and the boards had dried into curious rolls. Both hollowed-out trunks and the type Fig. 26 had been used as coffins. Only few traces of human bones were to be seen.

I collected some pieces of yellow silk and a coarser fabric, and some dark-brown human hair.

To judge from the type of the coffins this burial place was of the same kind as No. 6 and 7.