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0246 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 246 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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"eyes" consisting of concentric circles, and four K. 13346: 55. Fragm. from rim of an earthen-

small circles round them. L. 87 mm. W. at ends   ware jug with high neck and a row

77 mm., at middle 68 mm. Th. 7 mm. Pl. 38 : 20.   of impressed circles. Coarse red ware. Pl. 36: 4.

K. 13346 : 37. Wooden comb of the same type as

the previous one, but the middle part decorated with only one "eye" surrounded by four small circles. L. 90 mm. W. at ends 84 mm., at middle 58 mm. Th. 10 mm. Pl. 38:22.

K. 13346: 38. Wooden peg, pointed at both ends and with a moulding near the middle. L. 118 mm. Diam. 8 mm. PI. 38:21.

K. 13346 : 39. Various greenish glass fragments, semi-translucent and of inferior quality.

K. 13346: 40. Fragm. from lower part of a Chünbowl. The thick blue-green glaze reached down to the foot-ring. Dark grey ware.

K. 13346: 41. Small fragm. from rim of a Chünbowl with light green-blue glaze

and brownish rim.

K. 13346 : 42-43. Two small fragm. of olive green Celadon ware.

K. 13346:44. Fragm. of light green Celadon cup with wavy outer surface.

K. 13346 : 45. Fragm. from the bottom of a Ying-

ch'ing cup. Pale green glaze. On the inside is a design of curved lines scratched in the white ware before glazing. The bottom is flat, the outside is partly glazed, the foot-ring is low and rather sharp-edged.

K. 13346 : 46. Small sherd from a Ying-ch'ing cup or saucer. Pale green glaze.

K. 13346: 47. Small sherd of thin stone ware, brownish-green glaze on the outside.

K. 13346: 48. Small sherd of T'ang ware, green glaze on both sides.

K. 13346 : 49. Sherd of an earthenware vessel of almost white ware and with a cast relief design (a ground-pattern of raised rings, floral design, a fish ? etc.). Pl. 37:6.

K. 13346: 50-51. Two sherds of earthenware vessels with a raised band of oblique impressions. Coarse red ware.

K. 13346 : 52-53. Two sherds of earthenware vessels with impressions made with a peg wound with string. Red ware.

K. 13346 : 54. Small sherd from an earthenware vessel with small round impressions. Coarse brownish ware.

K. 13346:56. Fragm. from rim of a large earthenware jar. Below the short, wide neck and on top of the rim a row of impressed circles. Coarse red ware, 12 mm. thick. Pl. 36:3.

K. 13346 : 57. Sherd from the shoulder of a big

earthenware jar. Two rows of incised garlands made with a dentated instrument, between horizontal lines; a vertically applied raised oval with one longitudinal and five transversal grooves (depicting a cowrie ?). Coarse red ware, the outer surface yellowish. Pl. 36:8.

K. 13346: 58-62. Five sherds from large earthen-

ware vessels ; thick, coarse, brick-red and grey ware, decorated with carelessly incised garlands and bands consisting of several parallel lines. -: 58 Pl. 36 : 1.

K. 13346: 63. Sherd from rim of a large earthenware jar, decorated with arcs incised with a dentated instrument. Coarse, thick, red ware.

K. 13346: 64-65. Two sherds from large earthen-

ware vessels, decorated with straight bands and garlands or arcs incised with a dentated instrument, and a figure recalling a Tibetan character. Coarse, brick-red ware. Pl. 36: 9-10.

K. 13346: 66. Sherd from shoulder of a large earthenware jar with an irregular, incised figure. Coarse, reddish-brown ware 16 mm. thick. PI. 36:6.

K. 13346: 67. Sherd of earthenware vessel with an irregular, incised figure. Coarse, brick-red ware. Pl. 36 : 2.

K. 13346: 68. Sherd from earthenware vessel with traces of an incised, irregular figure. Light grey ware.

K. 13346 : 69-74. Six sherds from large earthenware vessels with roughly incised lines, straight or wavy. Coarse ware, brick-red or brown.

K. 13346:75. Large sherd from a bulky earthen-

ware jar with a stout handle. Half obliterated ornaments of straight lines and arcs incised with a dentated instrument. Coarse, brick-red ware, less than 1 cm. thick.

K. 13346 : 76-78. Three loop-handles of earthenware

vessels. -:76 has four impressed circles divided into quarters, -: 78 has one similar ornament and a boss. Rather coarse, brick-red or reddish-brown ware.