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0149 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 149 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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remnant of an attached ribbon of undyed silk 34 : 70.   Contents of pouch —: 69: a small

taffeta. The embroidered part consists of several   leather bag containing powder of

small pieces cut from bigger embroidered pieces   white lead; wrapped in wool-hairs.

and sewn together. The moss-green damask of the

embroidery is woven in rep with a pattern in warp- 34 : 71.   Three attached fragm. of undyed cot-

rib. The embroidery is executed in chain stitch of   ton fabric in plain weave, discoloured

silk in yellow, brown (red?), greenish blue, green   to brown.

and possibly other colours, now faded. The pat- 34: 72.   Fragm. of hemmed woollen rep, now

tern consists of several kinds of figures. Inside   brown.
,the pouch were small carbonized lumps, probably

from some fruit stone. H. about 7.5 cm. Pl. 22 : I. 34: 73•   Two pieces of rough woollen braid.

34: 67.   Small pouch made of different pieces   W. 2 cm.

sewn together. At the top, folded un- 34: 74.   Fragm. of lightly fulled woollen felt,

dyed silk taffeta with tying ribbon drawn through.   discoloured to yellow.
The centre is of red silk rep, embroidered with

chain stitch in light blue, dark blue, green, brown 34: 75•   Fragm. of carpet or mantle, woven in

and undyed silk. This part consists of three diffe-   three-leafed twill of coarse light and

rent pieces; two of them have probably been con- dark brown hair yarn. Warp mixed greyish brown, nected and show independent but incomplete th. about 2.5 mm. ; about 3o threads to io cm. Weft shapes ; the third has heart-shaped figures with th. about 3-3.5 mm. in both cases about 3o threads reversed S's between bars, and opposed C's above to 10 cm. A stripe of brown weft at one edge of the hearts. The lower part of the pouch is of green the fragm. shows that the rug has been patterned, silk rep, embroidered with chain stitch in yellow, probably striped.

blue and brown. The indistinct pattern consists of

lines and a leaf. No lining.   34: 76-79. Fragm. of patterned wool pile-carpet.

The tying ribbon of the pouch is made of pale   Fragm. with selvage from both side

green silk taffeta and held together by blue, sewn borders preserved, although original W. of carpet

ribbon (fragm.).   is indeterminable. Pattern on the whole indistinct.

On the opposite sides of the pouch two ribbons Border, about 4 cm. wide, furthest out with trans-

of green silk are attached to the embroidery.   verse stripes in dark brown, light yellow and fair-
Inside were some carbonized lumps, probably ly bright red; within, towards the middle, 3.5 cm.

from fruit stones. H. about 6.5 cm. Pl. 22 : 5.   wide border of latch hooks, dark-brown on light-

brown ground. It is impossible to decide whether

34: 68.   Middle part of small silk pouch. The the border has been broader towards the middle.

same embroidered silk as in the central The pattern of the middle field is vague, occapart of 34: 67, with heart-shaped figures. At the sional angles of lozenges and checks only just di-top folded, at bottom gathered together with silk stinguishable. Colours diffuse, yellow, red, brown, thread drawn through. Present H. about 4.3 cm. brownish purple and in a few places green knots

Pl. 22 : 4.   in roundels or single.

34 : 69.   Small pouch made of several small   Ground fabric weft rep, alternately close and

pieces of silk in various colours sewn sparse. Warp brown wool; th. 2-2.5 mm. 54-58 together. Very frayed. At the top undyed folded threads to io cm., in the selvage about 20 threads rep, in the middle red, at the bottom undyed and to 5 cm. Weft th. about 2-2.5 mm., 5-7—II prune-coloured. Tied round with strips of light shoots of weft = 8-12 mm. w. between knot rows, green and blue silk taffeta, partly faded. Lining mostly greyish-yellow. At a part of 13.5 cm. pale of undyed rather coarse silk taffeta. The pouch is red wefts, next to it, between three rows of knot, sewn together with green, brownish-red and un- two threads in each shoot of greyish yellow weft,

dyed silk. H. about 9 cm. Pl. 22 : 2.   otherwise one thread in each shoot.

B. GRAVE 35.
(= Single grave a).

On the eastern side of the big mesa with the first mass-grave there is a minor mesa stretching NE—SW and measuring only 12.7 x 3.8 m. The top rises 9 m. above