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0245 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 245 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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also found a wooden comb with two rows of teeth here (Stein 1921, V. S. 0041) . It is interesting to note that the double-teethed comb shows about the same shape already at its earliest appearance. The single-teethed comb, on the other hand, attains many varying shapes. A double-teethed comb from Mohenjo-daro, for instance, of the third century B. C., shows close affinities with our Pl. 38 : 20 (Mackay, Pl. K, I).

The wooden peg Pl. 38 : 21, pointed at both ends, may be a spool for yarn. It recalls a specimen from Qara-khoja (Le Coq 1913, Pl. 64 r).

The Vash-shahri Kohna-shahr was apparently abandoned at a period not far removed from the twelfth century. The river at the time of the occupation must have flowed quite close to the old site, but whether the abandonment was due to the change in the course of the river or to some other cause is impossible to determine.

K. 13346 : 1.   Chinese coin, T'ien-yüan-chung-pao K. 13346:20. Small bird figure of paste, light

(1378-1388). Diam. 26 mm.   greenish blue and dark blue. Pierc-

ed with a vertical hole. L. io mm. PI. 38:4.

K. 13346 : 2.   Fragm. of Chinese coin with broad

edge. A "Chih" at the top. Possibly K. 13346 : 21. White glass bead, spheroid. Diam.

a Chih-tao-yüan-pao (995-998), as the character   9 mm. Pl. 38:7.

is in "grass writing".   K. 13346 : 22-25. Four small beads of blue glass.

K. 13346:3.   Fragm. of Chinese coin with one   Diam. 7-2 mm. Pl. 38:8-II.

and a half illegible characters.   K. 13346 : 26. Small bead of nearly black glass.

K. 13346 : 4.   Fragm. of Chinese coin with part   Diam. 5 mm. Pl. 38 : 12.

of one of the two characters. K. 13346:27. Fragm. of honey-coloured glass

Marked border. Probably a late Wu-ch'u.   bead. Cf. K. 13341 : 101. Pl. 38:13.

K. 13346:5.   Fragm. of Chinese coin, the lowest K. 13346 : 28. Spheroid bead of flamy opal. Diam.

character is "Ta".   8 mm. Pl. 38:14.

K. 13346 : 32-34. Three fragm. of shells.

and suchlike.

K. 13346 : 35. Wooden comb with two rows of

K. 13346 : 16. Seven small bronze fragm., wire,   teeth, coarse and fine, at opposite

balls and beads.   ends. The sides are convex. L. 77 mm. W. at ends

K. 13346: 17. Various small bronze fragm. and 42 mm., at middle 71 mm. Pl. 38: 19.

refuse from casting.   K. 13346: 36. Wooden comb with two rows of

K. 13346: 18. Flat lead pendant, probably once   teeth, coarse and fine, at opposite

rectangular. Decorated with in- ends, both a little damaged. The side parts are

distinct lines. 18X15 mm. Pl. 38 : 16.   concave. Both sides of the middle part have two


Kohna-shahr. Tati II around camp   K. 13346 : 19. Small iron fragm. of a knife or the

23/8 1928.   like.

K. 13346 : 6-7. Fragm. of two Chinese coins.

K. 13346 : 29. Cylindrical opal bead. L. 12 mm.

K. 13346 : 8.   Fragm. of small bronze buckle,   pi. 38 : 15.

oval.   K. 13346: 3o. A small glass ball and two fragm.

K. 13346 : 9.   Fragm. of small bronze object with   of light-blue glass beads.

a hole through the end.

K. 13346 : 31. Main part of a flat ring of a thick

K. 13346: w. Bronze ring with slanting sides.   shell, probably a Quadrula. Diam.

Diam. 22 mm.   26 mm. Pl. 38 : 3.

K. 13346: II-15. Five small bronze fragm., fittings