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0154 Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1
Archaeological Researches in Sinkiang : vol.1 / Page 154 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)


[Figure] 32 The mummy in Grave 36 in her shroud after having been removed from the coffin. Drawing from a photo by Mr. Chen.

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doi: 10.20676/00000195
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35 : 24.   Rectangular wooden food-tray or low legs 6.6 cm. only two of them complete. Size of

table with four short legs. Made of tray 45X29 cm. two boards joined with dowels. Raised border

around the upper surface. On the under-surface 35 : 25.   Some bones from a sheep sacrificed

a carved irregular mark of five lines. On both   whole outside the coffin.

sides marks of wear and knife cuts. The legs, oval 35:26.   Some Ephedra twigs, found outside

in section, fastened with rectang. tenons. L. of   the coffin.

C. GRAVE 36.
(= Single grave b).

On May 7th 1934 Dr. HEDIN and Mr. CHEN discovered a second single grave, situated on the eastern side of an imposing mesa rising 25.3 m. above the water level.i




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Fig. 32. The mummy in Grave 36   ,-   ~   ~ ~~çin her shroud after havin been removed   °~~~~(+'~?~~ ;~j~,~~ '   ~ ~~~

having   ~r~411~~~(l~~~~   ~

from the coffin. Drawing from a photo by Mr. Chen.   t,u,.

I m. below the surface there was a coffin of the same type (half a hollowed-out trunk) as in Grave 35, but instead of a wooden lid it had a covering of ox-hides. Above the hides the small basket Pl. 26 : I was found; its warp consists of rigid dicotyledonous stems, the weft is a mixture of grass and roots of an Artemisia. It is made after the same model as those from Cemetery 5, but the pattern is made in the shape of a net and not as zig-zag bands. This is the specimen examined by Mr. Hj. LJUNGH (Cf. appendix II). The handle is of brown wool, and the opening was covered with white felt.

The coffin was 1.7 m. long and 0.41-0.35 m. wide. The well preserved though much dried-up mummy was that of an old woman with long, grey hair parted in the middle. The body, which measured 1.52 m. in length, was enveloped in a finely woven dark-brown mantle of soft wool with a yellow and red border, Fig. 32. In three places along the right side it was tied up into small bags containing

1 As Dr. HEDIN'S maps of his canoe trip in the Qum-darya delta still await the final adjustments I am unable to give the position of the mesa more exactly. Its position on the map Fig. 37 is only approximate. It is situated some little distance to the east of the graves first discovered.